KRAFTON and Com2uS under investigation due to allegations of item manipulation

CRAFTON and Com2uStwo of South Korea’s biggest game developers are under investigation Fair Trade Commission (FTC) following suspicions of manipulation of probability-based items and disclosure of false information in their games. In line with growing concerns about the transparency of probability-based elements, the South Korean government implemented a new disclosure system in March. It mandated … Read more

Leader of the ‘pronatalist’ movement smacked two-year-old son during interview

The leader of Elon Musk’s “pronatalist” movement, which encourages families to have lots of children to avoid population decline, is under fire for slapping his child in the middle of an interview. the Guardian journalist Jenny Kleeman interviewed Malcolm Collins and his wife Simone for a weekend feature. In the article, Kleeman wrote that she … Read more

Archibald Packing Room prize winner revealed

A portrait of ARIA Award-winning Yolngu rapper, dancer, artist and actor Baker Boy has won the prestigious 2024 Packing Room Prize. The Rhythms of heritage NSW Northern Rivers artist Matt Adnate’s portrait has been selected from among 57 finalists in this year’s annual Archibald Prize. The $3000 packing room prize is judged and awarded by … Read more

Tragic update from The Family ‘cult’ survivor

An Australian has shared a heartbreaking plea after revealing they are “one of the last surviving Anne Hamilton-Byrne children” – a reference to the infamous doomsday cult that operated out of Melbourne between 1963 and 1989. The survivor posted anonymously to a Facebook group in the area where The Family cult operated in the Dandenong … Read more

Queensland mum slammed as kid becomes influencer

A mother has hit back at those criticizing her for making her four-year-old son a influencer. Nina Gonthier’s son Jerome has his own Instagram profile with 97,000 followers. Jerome’s account dwarfs that of the influencer and model mum by 25,000 followers, with the Queensland boy earning several thousand dollars a year thanks to his brand … Read more