Sydney woman warns against moving to London

An Australian woman has lifted the lid on the brutal reality of what it’s like to move to London, revealing she is $17,000 in the red with minimal job prospects, not to mention bleak dating options and terrible weather. Amelia, originally from Sydney, has been burning through her savings and, despite applying for more than … Read more

Aussie families suffering due to sky-high childcare costs, The Parenthood Jessica Rudd CEO calls for reform

Parenting advocates have urged for immediate access to universal childcare and a pay rise to address chronic workforce shortages plaguing childcare centres, warning that Australian families ‘can’t wait any longer’. Acting CEO of national parenting advocacy group The Parenthood, Jessica Rudd, said statistics showed seven out of 10 parents who have kids in centre-based care … Read more

Internet outraged as Aussie mum apologises for healthy fairy bread recipe

Sydney-based mother Fatimah Omran has faced the wrath of the internet after her apology for creating a “healthy” version of an iconic Australian snack. Ms Omran posted a video to TikTok making a fairy bread alternative, which used desiccated coconut coloured with vegetable juice instead of the traditional hundreds and thousands, back in November 2022. … Read more

New weapon FAMAS, Akinta night-mode and more

With the new month of December coming soon, new changes have been brought to the game of New State Mobile, which involves a new weapon FAMAS, the map of Akinta introduced in night mode and more. Let us breakdown more about the changes which Krafton has brought, during the November 2023 Update in New State Mobile. … Read more