Work hot: Aussies warned against finding their co-workers attractive

There’s a huge difference between being work hot and just everyday hot, and it needs to be discussed before you do something rash like pash your co-worker.

Work is always a weird environment. You get smashed together with a bunch of random people that you spend more time with than your own family.

It can feel particularly strange when you are in your twenties and learning to navigate all these new professional relationships.

Suddenly you are trading insane jokes with Barbara from accounts and have to face the fact that your best friend at work is 30 years your senior and has a whole family outside of you.

This is all a recipe for lowering your standards and falling in love with any man that shows basic emotional intelligence, knows how to use the printer efficiently and has a snazzy email sign off.

Suddenly a very average man or woman can see seem like the Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt of the office.

TikTok creator Hannah has gone viral for candidly sharing the horrors of falling for someone that only seems “attractive” at work.

The Brisbane woman actually labelled it as something you shouldn’t trust in your twenties.

So consider this issue serious business, right up there with figuring out how Shannon Noll’s Lift isn’t a bigger hit. .

Hannah explained that there’s a huge difference between “work hot” and regular hot – and you need to learn how to differentiate between the two.

“When you start to get a crush on someone you work with, you convince yourself they are really cute… but they are not,” she said.

It is called context cute.

“They are just the cutest of the people you work with,” she explained.

Hannah pointed out it is an easy trap to fall into because finding someone attractive at work is always the perfect “distraction” from actually having to you know… work.

Who doesn’t want to stare at some hottie instead of send an email?

Hannah advised that before you make a move on a co-worker you need to ask yourself some hard questions.

“Is there chemistry or are they just hot work?”

Hannah recommended you be extra wary of work hot because there’s also such a thing as “work personality.”

You might enjoy the vibe of someone in the office only to realise that their work personality and home personality are “polar opposites.”

Women popped off in the comments discussing the very complex issue of someone being work hot.

“Yes! Just like neighbours it’s apparently called a proximity crush,” someone commented.

“I married work hot,” another admitted.

“Getting a work crush really is sometimes the only way to survive,” someone else shared.

Despite Hannah’s very firm warning on TikTok, the social media app is filled with young women making jokes about their work crushes, and it doesn’t seem like Hannah’s warning will be enough to stop them.

One creator went viral for joking that all her work crushes end in them not talking anymore.

Another amassed almost a million views for simply sharing the benign chats she has with her co-worker that leave her flustered.

Another creator posted a video of her smiling and then added she was happy after a whole day spent with her work crush that hadn’t even “indicated” he was “into” her.

Meanwhile one creator got creative and made a video showing how flustered she gets whenever her work crush even looks at her.

“POV: we make eye contact at work and I’m super attracted to you,” she wrote.

Creator Tatum Beck delivered some good news when she shared on TikTok that she fell “madly” in love with her work crush and seems to have no regrets.

The girlies have been warned but they can’t be stopped.

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