Woolworths’ video shows chocolate melted on shelves in Sydney supermarket

Woolworths’ airconditioning proved to be no match for Sydney’s sweltering weather of late, after one customer shared footage of blocks of chocolate melted on the shelves of his local supermarket.

A video showing the uniquely Australian problem was posted to TikTok over the long weekend by user @stefx.deu, who came across the limp blocks of KitKat, Cadbury and Darrel Lea at Woolies’ Bondi store.

“When it’s roasting in Australia, Woolies chocolate goes full liquid mode,” he wrote over the clip, which has been viewed more than 844,000 times.

Hundreds of people took to the comments, joking that “everything goes limp in summer in Australia”.

“Even the aircon can’t keep up with the heat in Australia right now,” one person wrote.

“And people will still try and say chocolate doesn’t belong in the fridge,” another joked.

“Ah yes where are the people that say keep it in the cupboard now keep it in the fridge,” a third person agreed.

“I’d still buy them [to] dip strawberries in,” someone else said.

Others wondered why Aussie supermarkets don’t store chocolate products in the fridge, writing “they’ve gotta (sic) start putting chocolate in a colder area”.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to news.com.au that the airconditioning in the Bondi Beach Metro store currently isn’t working.

“We apologise…and we thank customers for their understanding,” the spokesperson said.

“We are currently working to get the airconditioning in the Bondi Beach Metro fixed.

“Our team members have been removing any melted chocolate from sale.”

Cadbury attempted to settle the ongoing debate about where chocolate should be stored – fridge, pantry or freezer – back in 2020.

According to the confectionary manufacturer, chocolate should be stored in a “slightly cool, dry, dark place” at a temperature of 21 degrees or under – which for most households, means its optimal location is in the cupboard.

Expanding on it further, Aussie craft chocolatiers, Cocoa Box, explained the treat “doesn’t like extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold)” in a blog post about how to store your chocolate during summer.

“Whereas hot temperatures turn your chocolate into a sloppy liquid, cold temperatures can be just as damaging, robbing your craft chocolate of all the beautiful aromas and flavours chocolate makers worked so hard to bring out,” it said.

“If you have to store it in the fridge … make sure to pack your chocolate in an airtight plastic or Tupperware container to protect it from moisture and other odours.”

But many saw the funny side, stating the state of the chocolate reflected the scorching summer conditions which many are battling through.

“This is me,” one hot-and-bothered Aussie responded.

“Only in Australia,” smirked another.

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