Woolworths selling ‘cafe-style’ lamingtons for $16 for eight-pack

A new take on one of Australia’s most iconic baked goods has sent Woolworths customers into a frenzy.

The grocery giant’s limited-edition “Cafe-style Lamingtons” hit shelves earlier this month, and swiftly went viral on social media – sending dozens of Aussies to their local supermarket in search of the cakes.

Each pack, which is available for $16, includes eight lamingtons – two “classic” with raspberry and rosella jam, two “fairy bread” lamingtons with a “toasted” buttercream filling, two “lemon curd” with a white chocolate coating, and two “choc hazelnut” with a milk chocolate flake coating – working out to be $2 a piece.

Woolworths bakery category manager, Chris Chase, said that the lamingtons “bring our customers a delightful fusion of traditional flavours with a modern twist”.

“Since launching only two weeks ago, they are already proving to be a hit, with flavours like lemon curd and fairy bread,” Mr Chase told news.com.au.

“We’ve been really focused on improving our bakery offering by using great quality ingredients and investing in recipe development to create treats our customers will love.

“Aussies love lamingtons and this latest addition means customers can indulge in the cafe experience at great value right at home.”

Over on TikTok, food blogger Nick Vavitis declared the lamingtons were well worth the hype.

“I think they’ve nailed these. This is not overrated,” he said in a video reviewing the special flavours.

“The lemon with the coconut on the outside (is a) really, really good combo. If you like lemon, and you like that tangy lemon, that really zesty, tangy lemon, you’re going to love this. This ticks the box. (It’s) exactly what I want out of a lemon-flavoured thing – heaps and heaps of lemon flavour.”

The fairy bread version, he said, actually did remind him of fairy bread.

Another user, Queensland woman Kara Hansen, said she “had to get” the lamingtons after seeing “so many people try these”.

“These are actually a lot bigger than I thought they would be. Keep in mind, it was $16 for eight, so these are like $2 each. They smell so good,” she said.

After tasting each of the flavours, Ms Hansen had high praise – particularly for the choc hazelnut version, which she said was “the nicest cake I’ve ever had”.

“They are hand’s down worth every cent. Go get them, try them. Literally, I’m going to freeze these ones. I’m going to keep them forever. (They are) 11 out of 10. Woolies, you have blown my mind.”

A number of people in the comments – and food blogger Ange Eats, in his video – said the dessert reminded them of the offering at Tokyo Lamington, a cult bakery in Sydney and Melbourne.

“These are definitely giving me Tokyo Lamington vibes … Look how good these look. They’re also really thick,” Ange said.

To which Tokyo Lamington responded: “100% not us, but 100% flavours we have done in the past.”

“@Tokyo Lamington dupes for sure,” someone else wrote under Ange’s video, who replied that he “100% … could taste the similarities”.

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