Woolworths responds after comedian Melanie Bracewell’s egg gag goes viral

Woolworths has responded after a comedian’s gag about the supermarket’s own-brand eggs went viral.

Melanie Bracewell, a New Zealand comic, made a joke during a stand-up gig about the Woolies Extra Large Free Range Eggs after noticing the grocery item had a 4.2-star rating online.

In the comedy routine, which she later shared on TikTok, Bracewell suggested the supermarket share the customer feedback with its chickens.

Now, in a somewhat unexpected move, the “Fresh Food People” have responded with their own humorous video, leaving some Aussies stunned.

Woolies responding to comedian's egg gripe

Bracewell, who is currently touring in Australia with her Attack of the Melanie Bracewell show, starts the gag by saying: “I always think I don’t have enough hobbies, you know, I don’t know if you ever think that about yourself, ‘I need to spend my time better’.

“But then sometimes I’ll see someone and I’ll be like, ‘oh no, actually I’m fine’.”

She then goes on to explain she realised this when buying eggs on the Woolies website and noticed hundreds of people had left reviews.

“The eggs I was buying had a rating of 4.2 stars. People out there spending their time reviewing eggs. It shocked me. An egg? It’s an egg,” she continued.

“Who’s having an egg, a food that has been unchanged for thousands of years, and thinking ‘I’ve got some notes, if you could pass it onto the chicken’.”

The crowd at the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, which was filmed last month, could be heard cackling – and it seems Woolworths didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.

The supermarket has since responded with its own humorous video, joking the disappointing review had indeed been passed on.

“We’ve been speaking to chickens across the country to ensure they had the support they need to make 5-star eggs rather than 4.2-star eggs,” the retailer’s TikTok star, Liam Kirley, explained.

The video then cuts to a shot of a chicken being lovingly stroked, with Mr Kirley explaining it was the moment Woolies asked the chook for its efforts to be “just a bit more egg-cellent”.

“This has got to be one of the weirdest videos I’ve made,” he finishes.

Shoppers were quick to respond to the tongue-in-cheek clip, stating they “bloody loved it”.

Bracewell herself also replied, writing: “Oh my God.”

Many had also responded to Bracewell’s video, sharing their own “egg-sperience” with the product.

“Not all eggs are equal to be fair! The type of chicken and diet they’re fed vary the quality,” one explained.

“Egg farmer here. Eggs are a product of the hen breed, their environment, feed and stress levels. There is definitely a difference between good and bad eggs,” another agreed.

Many couldn’t help but laugh at the gag, stating it was “relatable”.

“Proper cackled at this, legend,” one shared.

“You’re a good egg, Melanie,” another joked.

News.com.au has contacted Woolworths for further comment.

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