Woolworths removes Allen’s Jaffas, popular $5 Australian chocolate from shelves

Australians are up in arms after spotting an iconic treat has been quietly removed from Woolworths shelves – with some labelling the move a “travesty”.

The supermarket giant has confirmed it no longer stocks Allen’s Jaffas in any of its stores across the country.

While the popular confectionary item is still available to purchase in Coles and Big W as well as independent stores, it hasn’t stopped fans of the chocolate balls slamming Woolies’ unexpected move.

“But they’re one of the best chocolates,” one lamented on Facebook.

“This is a travesty!!! I only have a Woolworths in my small town,” another shared alongside a crying face emoji.

As one raged: “Yeah typical, just throw away everything that’s Australian made, well done Woolworths.”

“I’m sick of being told what we can’t have anymore,” someone else chipped in.

“The chocolate selection is pathetic now,” another added.

Woolworths said Jaffas – a chocolate ball containing an orange-flavoured chocolate filling and coated in a crisp red shell – were axed after a recent internal review.

“We’re constantly reviewing the range of products we sell and that can mean some are replaced,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re always working to make sure we stock the range of products that have the broadest customer appeal.”

Despite many expressing their anger over the decision to remove Jaffas from Woolworths shelves, not everyone was bothered by the sudden supermarket departure.

“Get a friggin grip the lot of you and stop behaving so bloody self entitled,” one woman shared in response to “the outrage and anger over a bloody chocolate”.

“You can still get them at Cole’s and IGA, relax,” another agreed.

“If people stop buying them why not get rid of them,” someone else mused.

In Coles, a 160g bag of Jaffas currently retails for $5, a detail one shopper recently slammed on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“$5 for this pathetic excuse of a packet of Jaffas?? The packet is smaller than my hand!” the furious customer wrote on December 16.

“Unfortunately everything is so expensive,” one person responded.

As another claimed the lolly was a victim of “shrinkflation”.

The same sized bag also retails for $5 in Big W.

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