Woolworths creates Hot Cross Buns with Lotus Biscoff spread

Hot cross buns are only available for a small window of time each year, and the flavour combinations seem to get wilder every time.

Woolworths announced that for the first time, Lotus Biscoff spread will be featured in the supermarket’s hot cross bun range and available in stores from January 31.

It comes off the back of the success of the Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake, which launched in the Woolworths bakery last year.

Woolworths bakery merchandise manager Donald Keith said the sweet treats are best served warmed up to get the best out of the gooey centre.

“This new variety has been hard to keep secret. We love coming up with new flavours each Easter and I’m confident this one is going to delight our customers,” Mr Keith said.

Food influencer @NectoriousPapi shared a Reel telling his followers he went into Woolworths and asked a worker to fetch a packet from out the back as they hadn’t been put on shelves yet.

He said after 30 seconds in the microwave the treat was ready to go.

“They are just like you’d imagine – they’re perfect. There is loads of Biscoff in here,” he said after taking a bite.

Woolies is offering a number of unique flavours and collaborations this hot cross bun season.

The Cadbury Caramilk hot cross buns, which have been consistently popular wince launching in 2021, returned to shelves late last year.

The Fairy Bread and Caramilk both come in a four-pack for $5, and are only available for a limited time. Meanwhile the Lotus Biscoff variety will be available for $5.50 for a four-pack.

It’s not even the most unusual hot cross bun flavour this festive season.

Coles has also introduced some not-so-traditional flavours, including a collaboration with Arnott’s prompting speculation among online foodies about which biscuit variety will become the latest hot cross bun flavour.

@NectoriousPapi again created excitement among fellow foodies after taking to Instagram to reveal the biscuit brand would introduce two new flavours.

“I mentioned a few weeks ago Arnott’s is teaming up with Coles to collab for two new hot cross buns flavours – one sweet and one savoury,” he told his followers.

He claimed the savoury creation would be Pizza Shapes-flavoured hot cross buns, leaving social media users to hit the comments section with their thoughts.

Last year, Coles revealed three new limited-edition varieties, including red velvet, carrot cake and a savoury burger sauce hot cross bun, complete with pickle pieces and cheese. In 2021, the supermarket released a Vegemite variety, which proved so popular it returned the following year, while 2020 saw the debut of lamington hot cross buns.

A Coles spokesperson confirmed there was indeed a collaboration between Coles and Arnott’s – but did not give any details on what customers could expect from the team up.

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