Women are sharing the reasons their exes won’t ever be able to forget them

“You’ll never get away from the sound of a woman that loves you.”

The newest trend taking over social media is women sharing the petty reasons their ex-partners and sometimes even current boyfriends will never be able to forget them.

The trend is set to the huge 1977 hit Silversprings by Fleetwood Mac. An iconic ballad about the break-up between band members Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham and one we’ve all heard someone’s Mum belt out after a few too many wines.

The iconic line “you’ll never get away from the sound of a woman that loves you” has always been seen as an iconic line that encapsulates how hard women love.

Now, just like tiny sunglasses, it has been co-opted by the youth and is used on TikTok by Gen Zers.

You might think a man might not be able to forget about his ex because they had an incredible love story.

Well, maybe, but according to the women of TikTok, the reasons they are unforgettable are much pettier and way more fun to hear about.

Creator Sophie shared that her ex won’t be able to forget about her because she has founded a cheese board company.

“Every time he eats cheese he’ll think of me,” she bragged as Stevie’s voice rages in the background.

Another creator shared her ex won’t be able to forget her because he’ll have to say her middle name every time he says love in Italian or Spanish.

That is a flex.

Meanwhile, another creator shared that her love of Taylor Swift was so big that she now believed he wouldn’t be able to ever to listen to the singer again without thinking of her.

Considering Ms Swift is everywhere – that man has no chance of moving on.

One TikToker bragged that her ex wouldn’t forget about her because he’ll have to hear her name every time he watches the romantic movie The Notebook.

She’s named Allie and we can’t deny that sharing the same name as one of the most famous romantic leads ever is helpful when you don’t want to risk anyone forgetting you.

The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with more and more young women sharing the niche reasons they won’t be forgotten.

One shared her ex can’t forget her because she introduced him to all his favourite music, another said her boyfriend had no chance to move on because their shared children acted exactly like her.

Successful influencer Sydney Adams got in on the action and joked her partner would never be able to move on because if he ever watched Finding Nemo he’d be confronted with hearing her name in the address mentioned in the movie.

In fairness to her, that address basically holds the whole plot together.

Someone else confessed their ex would never be able to move on because every time he’d try and battle those tiny bugs called Gnats he’d think of her because her name is Nat – a stretch but lets go with it.

The trend absolutely shouldn’t be taken seriously but it is cool to see women owning their worth and having a laugh.

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