Woman who dumped ‘busy’ boyfriend uncovers shock truth

A US woman has shared her shock after discovering she was sharing her now ex-boyfriend with another woman.

Laura Twyford, 19, explained she decided to break things off with her ex because she felt he no longer had time for her.

She’s since detailed the elaborate reason behind his “busy” schedule after uncovering the truth, revealing the issue lied fact he was having trouble balancing life with two ladies on his arms, the New York Post reported.

“My boyfriend was in an open relationship the entire time and never told me,” Ms Twyford claimed.

“When I found out, I realised all of his friends, family and girlfriend knew about it and hid it from me.”

Ms Twyford shared the revelation in the TikTok video with 8.4 million views, which was posted on April 23.

“Mister man was busy a lot, and it became a problem because he didn’t have time for me,” she chuckled in the video.

“[He] didn’t have time for a relationship, right?”

In the clip, she mentioned how she noticed a flirtatious interaction between her ex and another woman in the comment section of his social media post — just two days after the couple cut ties.

“I got to the comments — tell me why someone commented ‘husband’. So I’m, like, that’s weird,” she added in the clip.

Ms Twyford started investigating the mystery woman — going “FBI” — and learned the other woman had been in a three-year relationship with her ex and was her boyfriend’s best friend’s sister.

“I realised that he would be with her [at] night while I was with him [in] the day,” she said. “The things he said he was doing — he was actually with her.”

After making her shocking discovery, she decided to do what many women in a similar position have done before, only to be dealt a second surprise blow.

“She knew about me the entire time. All of his friends — everyone knew the entire time, and they all kept it a secret from me,” she admitted.

“I was getting played, not only by a man but by his girlfriend and all of their friends.”

Some online watchers were able to relate to the man’s betrayal.

“The trauma! I also dated a guy whose whole family knew I was the other girl and said nothing. You really lose faith in humanity after that,” wrote one person.

“I would feel soo embarrassed,” added another.

This story originally appeared on The New York Post and reproduced with permission

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