Woman told to cover up at the gym, slams response from owner

A fitness fanatic blasted a gym owner who said her clothes were inappropriate for their facility.

She had been wearing a stylish romper for her workout when the gym owner unexpectedly approached her.

Eryn diZerega boasts over 195,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her passion for bodybuilding, The Sun reported.

The NPC wellness competitor took to the social media platform to complain about being dress-coded at a gym.

“I’ve been going to this bodybuilding gym recently,” she explained.

“They have this rule about no sports bras, which I thought was a little weird, but I really liked everything else about this gym so I signed up anyway.”

Eryn shared a snap of herself wearing a strappy romper for her workout. She explained that it had unexpectedly caught the attention of the gym owner.

“The owner comes up to me and he’s like ‘Hey, do me a quick favour would you just throw on a sweater over that?’

“I immediately said yes and went to put on my sweater and as I was walking to my bag he continued talking to me.

“I already said I would put it on, I don’t know why he was continuing the conversation. I wasn’t trying to argue or anything.

“He’s like ‘I’m sorry it’s just that this other girl is throwing a hissy fit because I asked her to put something on and told her I would throw her out if she didn’t put something on.’

“Telling me this whole thing that I don’t really care about. It seemed like he was trying to throw this other girl under the bus.

“I was very respectful and told him I’d put on my sweater.

“I put on my sweater and finished my workout. By that point, I already knew I didn’t want to keep working out there.

“I personally don’t want to have to worry about what’s going to get me kicked out of the gym.”

Eryn said the staff at the gym still seemed to be determining where to draw the line when enforcing their dress code rule.

She showed a lengthy text message sent to the gym owner explaining she would cancel her membership because their discussion made her feel “embarrassed and uncomfortable.”

“I was very respectful letting him know that I wouldn’t be working out there anymore,” she said.

“I feel like his response was super unprofessional and rude, saying that I need to be ‘as close to naked as possible’ to feel comfortable working out which isn’t true.

“I’ve only ever worn a baggy T-shirt and a sports bra.

“That one-piece was the first time that I had worn an outfit that wasn’t a T-shirt.”

Eryn shared the text message she received from the gym owner while highlighting a sentence that infuriated her.

The message read: “The policy is in place for reasons which include the safety of our members, the prevention of inappropriate behaviour/ responses, an atmosphere which promotes the purpose of improving our health and physique rather than any ulterior motive.

“It’s also representative of current ideologies where gyms are blamed for allowing women to be placed in situations of unwanted advance or worse …”

Eryn argued the gym owner’s message was disrespectful and he seemed “dismissive” when she voiced that his actions made her feel uncomfortable.

“I’m in a fully committed long-term relationship, I always mind my own business and don’t talk to anybody when I come in or out,” she said.

“He just came blatantly out and seemed disrespectful.

“It’s disappointing coming from people who claim to have a bodybuilding gym and be in this sport.”

She captioned the post, writing: “I get that the business has the right to enforce whatever rules they want.

“The thing that rubs me the wrong way is how I was always respectful of the rule and when I told them why I would no longer be going there they responded so passive-aggressively.”

The video went viral and racked up thousands of likes from people who were able to relate to following strict dress codes.

Many viewers took to the comment section to share their opinions on the situation.

“I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what you wore,” one person wrote.

“Don’t you literally wear underwear in competitions? I’m confused how what you wore is inappropriate for a literal bodybuilding gym lol,” another commented.

“Bro was too much in his feelings with that response. Doubt you’re the first or last person who has issues with how he does business,” a third said.

“Had this happen from a manager who didn’t like me! It was the worst feeling and I’m so sorry this happened to you!” another added.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and reproduced with permission

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