Woman sparks fury with question about Manning Cartell dress

A woman has asked the internet if she could wear a cream dress to a wedding and quickly got a very angry answer.

Tanya received a cream dress in the mail, with the outfit featuring spaghetti straps, cups for her chest and a knee-high split.

The pleated dress, from Manning Cartell, has a price tag of $699.

She said she was “obsessed” with the dress but asked her social media followers if the colour was OK to wear to wedding.

“It’s like tan/cream/nude. I am hoping because I am dark it doesn’t look white,” she said.

“Obviously I don’t want to offend anybody but it’s just the best formal dress I’ve seen that I like.”

Tanya, who claimed she has only ever been to Indian weddings before, said she had three weddings coming up in 2024.

Social media users were all united in their opinion — Tanya should not wear the dress to the wedding.

'Absolutely not' Wedding guest's outfit offends

“Hard no. Gorgeous dress tho,” one social media user declared.

Another added: “My policy is if you have to question it, then no.”

“NOT for a wedding. But definitely so gorrrrg for another event,” one social media user shared.

One added: “I think it completely depends on the bride. I asked cos I wanted to wear black and she said she’d rather me wear white/cream than black.”

“Hard no, have this dress saved an option for my own rehearsal dinner as a bride,” one person added.

Another declared: “It’s absolutely gorgeous but I’m getting married this spring and if someone wore this to my wedding I would cry.”

In a follow-up video, Tanya said she didn’t buy it with the intention of it being a dress to wear to a wedding but rather for a family trip as they had some more formal events to attend.

It wasn’t until the dress showed up that she started to think it could possibly be worn for a wedding.

Tanya also held up the dress against a white skirt, and while the dresses did look different, she understood on camera it may show up differently.

“At Indian weddings, the concept of upstaging the bride does not exist, you’re basically encouraged to dress to the nines,” she said.

“I know white isn’t allowed at Western weddings because it was so tan I wasn’t sure.”

She said a consensus was not to wear the dress

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