Woman says she caught cheating boyfriend on Google Maps

A Brazilian woman claims she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend by using Google Street View.

Juliana Lima, who hails from the state of Ceará, took to TikTok to share the tawdry tale last month, with her video clocking up more than nin million views.

Lima says she recently noticed a Google car going past her house taking photos for its Street View service, New York Post reported.

Soon after, she decided to go onto the website to see what route the car took away from her house.

But while virtually tracking the vehicle, Lima noticed her boyfriend in a Street View snap riding a motorbike with a woman on the back.

“The person on the back didn’t look like me so I followed them,” Lima narrated in her viral video. “I caught my boyfriend cheating on Google Maps — I’m devastated.”

The unsuspecting girlfriend claims she eventually lost sight of her man’s motorcycle on Google’s Street View and was forced to peruse a string of side streets in order to find it.

“He went down a street where he used to take me,” she stated, saying she eventually managed to relocate the bike. “We always visited that little square.”

“At that point, I thought I was just being paranoid in my head, that it couldn’t be him,” the TikToker continued.

However, the video concludes with a snap of a man, who Lima says is her boyfriend, resting his head on a woman’s lap on a street bench.

Shockingly, Lima says she realised that the woman was her closest friend.

“It was my fella and my best friend,” she sensationally claimed. “I’m devastated.”

Viewers were stunned by the story, as well as the detective work that can be done with the help of Street View.

“It’s very unlucky for a guy to get caught by a Google car that passes once a year,” one remarked.

“FBI? No, Google Maps,” a second viewer declared.

Another woman chimed in saying she had also used a Google service to find a former flame,

“My children’s father didn’t pay child support and he disappeared, so I found out where he was on Google Maps and I went there,” the lady stated.

However, others were sceptical about Lima’s story, with a cynic stating: “That Google Maps vehicle did not follow them. There’s something wrong here. It gives street positions, but not with that precision.”

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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