Woman reveals how she achieved her ‘Range Rover mum’ goals

A fit woman has shared how she had a major glow-up after having her two children less than a year apart.

In her post-partum journey, she lost over 32kg and said it was because she started acting like who she wanted to be: a Range Rover mum.

Kay is no stranger to the way life changes after having children, so she’s helping others going through it with a few tips, The Sun reported.

After her weight loss, she shared her methods for having a successful “mum glow-up” in a TikTok video.

For mothers who feel like they’ve “lost a little bit of sparkle,” she told viewers how she got hers back.

“I’m gonna give you all of the tips and advice that made me start feeling much more like my old self,” she said.

The first thing when starting your mummy glow-up is to think about what type of mother you want to be and then plan out the steps to “show up as her.”

“Is it the fitness mum? The organised mum? The fashionable mum? Who do you wanna be?” Kay asked.

That includes figuring out what her daily habits are, and she suggested Pinterest as a resource.

Kay wanted to be a fitness parent with a lot of energy, so she could do fun things with her kids.

“I wanted to have my hair done. I wanted to be the Range Rover mum. I just started acting like her,” she added.

But it’s easier said than done, so Kay started making an effort to get up earlier every morning to work on herself.

“In order to get up earlier, I would go to bed earlier. Apply all of these things into my life,” she said.

When her hair and makeup are also done, she feels “ten million times better.”

“You start doing these things and start showing up as the mum that you wanna be or the girl that you wanna be. Trust me, only gonna make your life better,” Kay said.

“It overflows into every other aspect of your life.”

The second step in the process concerns the type of content you’re consuming while on your transformative journey.

She revealed that she has a TikTok folder with motivational content and starts her day with a “cringy” video.

“It really makes my day start on a positive, and gives me this mindset that I can do it,” she explained.

Kay also recommended listening to the podcast Queen of Confidence “if you’re going on a hot girl war.”

If you don’t feel beautiful on the inside, then you can’t fix yourself on the outside.

“You need to do the inner work. Thank me later,” Kay said at the end of the video.

Women were grateful for her parenting advice.

“I’m so glad I’ve found you. Eight weeks post-partum with a second baby and I’ve completely lost myself. Can’t wait for this series,” one commented.

“I loveee this. Ugh, Range Rover mum is the ultimate goal,” another agreed.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and reproduced with permission

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