Woman labels couples ‘cheap’ compared to single friends

A woman has hit out at couples, labelling them cheap, but not everyone agrees with her assessment.

Shani Silver said there were several situations where couples were surrounded by single people and their actions made them “cheap”.

“If you’re in a couple and you go to dinner with a single friend and you split the bill 50/50 instead of into thirds, you’re cheap,” she declared.

“If you’re getting married and you’ve lived with your partner for years and years on end and your registry just includes sh*t you’d think would be nice and fun to have but you don’t want to buy it for yourself, you’re cheap.”

Other examples including how prices were split on holiday homes such as Airbnbs or hotel rooms and dragging a friend to a destination wedding but not taking them out for their birthday.

“If I see one more video of a single person bit**ing about how they were financially fu***d over by their coupled friends, I’m going to scream,” she said.

“You can see the crazy behind my eyes, can’t you? I know you can. Just say it. Just say your coupled friends are cheap because they financially d**k you over or take advantage of you just because your single – they’re cheap.”

She said single people shouldn’t feel bad for asking for a better end of the stick when it comes to finances, particularly because their coupled friends likely split the rent or mortgage.

A lot of social media users agreed up until one single declaration about the wedding registry, to which Shani replied why should people get gifts simply for being in love.

“I’m going to start a registry for my own life events – graduating my masters? Registry. Tackled some mental health stuff successfully? Registry. Gift giving shouldn’t rely on me being partnered,” one person said.

Another added: “What the hell am I supposed to put on my registry then?”

“Agreed except the registry. You can put whatever you want on your registry,” another social media user said.

One person commented: “The registry one doesn’t make sense lol it’s literally just a gift list of things you want, they don’t need to be practical. The rest I understand.”

“If me and my husband are going out with a single friend they eating free,” one commented.

“So im supposed to put nothing on my registry just because we live together? OK … guess I’ll ask for all the gifts I’ve ever given to people back lol,” one added.

One shared of their own experience; “I moved in with a couple who thought they should pay less because the primary bedroom with a private bathroom was smaller than the other rooms and refused to take the bigger room.”

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