Woman had to clean partner’s penis with Q-tip every week

It was Meat Loaf who once sang that he “would do anything for love”.

But an Australian woman has proven that she really, really would – sharing on Triple J’s The Hook Up program it was her “job” to clean her partner’s penis with a Q-tip, every week for three years.

“The foreskin on his penis didn’t come back all the way. We’d gone to a doctor and everything, and they couldn’t really do anything to help it,” she explained to hosts Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen.

“He got very funny about that situation, like touching his penis and stuff like that. So, I had to use lube and a Q-tip to clean 20-something years of build-up.”

When Gary Chapman posited “acts of service” as one of the five love languages, this is surely not what he had in mind.

Her confession left Salmin and Rasmussen with many questions – us too. Namely: why could a grown man not take care of his own genital hygiene?

Why, Rasmussen asked, “was he so phobic of it?”

“The whole situation of his penis just freaked him out,” the woman explained.

“He wouldn’t masturbate at that point, that’s how bad it was. So it kind of got put down to me for three years to clean it. I don’t know why I was maintaining it.”

“I’m just still trying to process that this was your job in your relationship – to clean your boyfriend’s foreskin,” Salmin said in response.

“With a Q-tip, every week, for three years.”

She then summed up the reaction of most listeners, writing on Instagram – after the show shared a clip of the call – the interaction left her “screaming crying throwing up”.

“That’s enough internet for today,” another person wrote in the comments.

“I just threw up in my mouth,” a third said.

While a fourth commented: “This is horrendous. What do you mean there was 20 years of build up! The guy didn’t shower? What the faaaaaaark!”

“How about a shower and soap and he cleans it! What an absolute child,” another agreed.

A widely-held sentiment among the many commenters was also why the man couldn’t spare his girlfriend such a revolting task, and just get circumcised.

“Bro could’ve just gotten circumcised as an adult rather than have her clean up that much build-up,” one person wrote.

“Oh ffs this takes the term ‘man-child’ to the next level,” another said.

“Ugh – blokes, in case it wasn’t obvious, it’s not your partner’s responsibility to maintain your hygiene for you.

“Grow TF up – either learn to take care of your own wang, or take yourself off for a circumcision.”

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