Woman got fired for wearing too much pink to work

A woman who has been dubbed the real life Elle Woods from Legally Blonde has spoken about how her life came to resemble the famous film.

Lawyer Kathleen Martinez, known online as @attorneymartinez, has been compared to Reese Witherspoon’s iconic alter-ego after revealing how she was fired for wearing pink in court, reports the Sun.

And now Kathleen has spoken about how she silenced her critics when she went on to head up her own firm where wearing pink is not only not looked down upon, but instead highly encouraged.

In a video posted to her TikTok account, Kathleen – who works in immigration and has a love of pink dresses – explained she’d been doubted so many times in her career.

The glamorous blonde woman previously explained: “Did I get a job in immigration?

“Yes, but I was treated horribly for wearing pink to court and refusing to fit in.”

And now in a new video, she’s reflected on how she was eventually let go from the business, leading to her husband building her a pink law office in their garage.

She then started to work on changing the game and hired 30 like-minded people who “also felt excluded by the legal industry.

Since she and her “best friends” have gained lots of clients, awards and recognition for their work – and she even bought a pink car with her very first paycheck from the company.

Now, they’ve also filmed a pilot for a TV show and Kathleen is regularly asked to do speeches to other aspiring lawyers.

Kathleen uploaded the footage of one of her most recent events where she was dressed in a figure-hugging bright pink dress and nude heels.

Speaking about her career journey so far, she said: “I was really the only woman in that firm and I was told how to dress, how to act and how to be taken seriously for someone who was already too good at that job and too underpaid for her value.

“Because I stopped listening to my boss and I started wearing pink to court – I literally look like this in court – and I don’t lose.”

She added in the caption: “POV: I got fired for wearing too much pink so I started a pink law firm.

“I hired 30 employees and even filmed a reality show.

“Don’t underestimate a woman who doesn’t apologise for who she is.”

Kathleen also stressed the importance of not letting others’ cruel misconceptions get you down, and how she’d had the last laugh in another video posted to her social media platform.

In it, she explained that there’s one thing that motivates her above all.

She said she’s often asked: “Why did you create a pink law firm and why do you only wear pink suits to court like you’re Elle Woods?”

Her answer? Kathleen revealed: “Because I love watching my haters lose to a woman in pink.”

And her 1.5 million followers were quick to congratulate her on all of her continuing success.

One wrote: “The real life Elle Woods!”

A second social media user said: “But, for real, why is pink not considered professional?”

A third typed: “They call it ‘hot pink’ for a reason. Jealousy of others brings you up or down – you for the win girl.”

This article originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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