Woman finds 2000 Sydney Olympics chocolate in supermarket

A shocking find in a supermarket that is close to a quarter of a century old has stunned social media users.

A man took to the popular Facebook group Old Shops Australia to reveal his wife, who works in a supermarket, had found a block of chocolate from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The supermarket his wife worked for was undergoing a remodel, meaning some shelves were being moved around.

The move meant that the chocolate bar, which was wedged between two shelves, was uncovered.

“Still wrapped up with chocolate inside,” the man said.”

Cadbury’s 250-gram chocolate block featured the mascots of the Sydney Olympics – Syd the Platypus, Millie the Echidna and Olly the Kookaburra.

Social media users were enthusiastic about the find with many unsure if the person who found it should take a bite of the chocolate seeing as it was 24 years old.

“Oh wow! This brings back memories! A near 24 year old block of chocolate! Would anyone be up for tasting it?! Wonder how much it’s worth? How long since the supermarket had a good clean and update?! So many questions, lol,” one social media user said.

Another said: “Did she have a bite? I would’ve.”

“Partly want this to go to a museum, partly just wanna see it unwrapped,” another commented.

One said: “I had the Paralympics 2000 tea towels and the last one just bit the dust because my dog got to it.”

“Brings back memories,” another said.

One joked that the supermarkets cleaners should be fired if the chocolate bar had been around that long.

“That’s an awesome find! I was in year 12 that year,” another social media user said.

One added: Oh wow! Memory unlocked lol.”

“Just the wrapper alone is going for $35 on eBay. I would hold onto it if I were you lol,” one claimed.

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