Woman explains why Aussies are so ‘aggressive’ and swear a lot

The “aggressive” Australian summer is the reason so many Aussies are aggro and swear all the time, an influencer on TikTok has claimed, and many others agree.

In a popular, hilarious and expletive-laden video, creator Julz Alex blamed the aggression of Aussies on our hot summer sun, biting insects and the perils of spring – hayfever and swooping Magpies.

“Everyone wonders why Australians are so aggressive and swear a lot, it’s because our country is aggressive,” she said in a video.

“Who the f**k designed this country?

“You go outside in the sun and the sun’s like, ‘Aha, You got 20 f**king minutes before I burn you to a f**king crisp, so enjoy your f**kin little happy moment in the sun before I f**k you’.”

Come night, she claimed you can’t even enjoy the outdoors because the insects are going to “sting and bite you” until you are “covered in welts” and itching all night.

“That is f**king why we are so agressive,” she claimed.

Julz Alex even hit out at Australia in spring, usually considered a mild season.

“The flowers start blossoming, the birds start chirping – in Australia, you can’t f**king breathe.”

She revealed that she suffers from hayfever so badly that people think she’s “been in a boxing match”, or has been crying or suffers from chronic asthma.

“Did I mention those chirping birds also f**king attack you?” she said, referring to swooping magpies.

“It thinks you’re tryna take its children like mate, I’m down here on the ground you’re up there in the tree, I want nothing to do with your f**kin kids.”

Among the 375,000 people who have viewed the video, many felt seen and came out in support of her observations.

“People who don’t live in Australia think we’re scared of the spiders but what we’re really scared of is damn magpies,” one commenter said.

“Last night I had a massive bug fly right up to my ear then bonk me on the head. I’m convinced it was a wasp and I’m so grateful I wasn’t stung,” wrote another.

Others said she forgot the brown snakes, flies, eczema and bindies.

But its seems not everyone got the joke with some viewers calling her out as being a “sook”.

“Stop being a goddamn sook if ya don’t like it move to another country,” wrote one follower.

“7th generations people and the native peoples in our country don’t find it a problem. You do so stop complaining or leave,” wrote another.

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