Will Apex Legends Mobile ever come back again

Apex Legends Mobile, one of the best games in 2022, was awarded the best mobile port by the GamingonPhone 2022 Awards in its year of release. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have already given the game its respective “Game of the Year” awards. The game, after a series of post-release bugs and optimization issues, was closely interesting to the fans of the battle royale genre. On release, it garnered a lot of attraction from the fans. But, to everyone’s surprise, one of the biggest shocks of 2023 was the news of the game being taken down by Electronic Arts (EA). The title, only a year old after its release, which was closely working with the community to take down a lot of issues, was immediately stopped. The fans of the game even wonder today, whether the game will ever come back.

Apex Legends Mobile: Release and Response

Apex Legends Mobile, though relatively quite new, looked like a decent take on the famous PC game, Apex Legends. This game was a move from EA to build on the popularity of battle royale titles such as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Free Fire, and more. Although the initial response was not closer to the popularity of these cult classics, it needs to be remembered that the title was only a year old.

Additionally, there will be always a yardstick for comparison for the mobile port, which is its PC counterpart, Apex Legends. The developers at Electronic Arts had implemented the shooting and gameplay mechanics in the touch controls of a mobile game. A few good points for Apex Legends Mobile created a small fanbase in the gaming community, but could not lure more players from its counterparts.

The game faced sudden termination from EA

On February 1, 2023, Electronic Arts decided to scrap the development of both Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile. As a part of the blog post, they mentioned that the “content pipeline for Apex Legends Mobile has started to fall short of that bar for quality, quantity, and cadence.” The formal shutdown of the server took place on May 1st, 2023. The game, despite having some moderate success and great potential lasted only a year, post its release.

Apex Legends Mobile: What’s on the future

In the Q3 FY23 Quarterly Results, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, said that the company could bring a “reimagined and connected” Apex Mobile experience in the future. While this doesn’t mean that the game could be returning any time soon, it still indicates that the story of Apex Legends Mobile might be still on.

High Energy Heroes China, High Energy Heroes
Image via Tencent Games

Since the shutdown of the global version, there has been a new Chinese version of the game by Tencent Games, which has been recently released. The title is known as High Energy Heroes. Interestingly, Tencent Games might be carrying out a study about the optimizations, gunplay visuals, and graphics for the future. We have to wait and watch what the future holds for us!

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