Wife of Dubai millionaire spends $3 million in a single week, angering TikTok

A woman married to a Dubai millionaire has ruffled feathers after claiming she’s spent almost $3 million in a single week.

Linda Andrade, 23, put a huge dent in her husband’s earnings after spending more than $US356,000 ($A555,000) on designer shopping as well as $200,000 ($310,00) on gold and $7200 ($11,500) on chocolate.

The financially frivolous woman documented a recent week of spending on TikTok where her money habits quickly garnered huge attention, prompting many to label her antics “excessive” and “over the top”.

Linda – who calls herself the “Original Dubai Housewife” – claimed her card action was “how much” she made in her job as a millionaire’s wife, before sharing explicit detail of exactly what she purchased.

She claimed that she had a “deposit” of $1,411,008 ($2.2m) which was spent on a lavish diamond bracelet and matching ring.

This was before she spent $356,00 ($555,000) on designer items while out shopping, where she snagged two expensive Chanel bags.

Linda then claimed that her rich man gave her $229,000 ($357,000) in cash, which she put towards a meal and cocktails at a fine-dining venue.

One of her more indulgent buys was a haul of luxury chocolate which she said set her back $7200 ($11,500).

But she wasn’t done yet, with her husband supposedly buying her more jewellery, this time a whole lot of gold worth $201,200 ($314,000).

Linda also then revealed that her man gave her $52,210 ($81,5000) of “fun money”, but she then claimed to have spent $216,789 ($338,000) on a “random Wednesday”.

The astonishing amount spent in just 7 days, which totalled well over $2 million (more than $3 million in Australian currency), has left many floored – with some suggesting she was “making it up”.

“Is this for real?! Wow,” one person asked.

“How do you have infinite money like this,” someone else quizzed

As one raged: “She’s just making up numbers at this point.”

However, there were many who condemned Linda’s spending habits, calling on her to think about those who are “struggling” amid the cost of living crisis.

“This p****s me off only because I’m so broke,” one said.

“Maybe help the less fortunate,” someone else suggested.

While one pushed: “Do you ever feel bad for the workers in Dubai who earn about €400 a month and live off rice?”

Others simply labelled the wild amount of money spent as “gross” and “disgusting”.

Among those who saw red at the video, the comments weren’t so kind, with some suggesting she’s a “gold digger”.

Linda, who posts an endless stream of videos flaunting her wealth under the username @lionlindaa, has come under fire from critics before.

But it has done little to stop the wealthy wife from documenting her opulent lifestyle.

Recent videos include showing off her $7500 ($11,700) dinner and a long list of “expectations” of her millionaire husband which include a daily Chanel handbag and weekly spa trips.

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