Why Australian woman keeps $2 Kmart tongs in her car

A woman has revealed she is often laughed at and questioned over why she has a pair of $2 tongs from Kmart in her car.

The woman, who goes by @asian.barbie on TikTok, said whenever someone new jumps in her car they ask about the Kmart item.

“Great question, I have an even better answer,” the young woman explained, saying she wasn’t the best driver.

“But you know when you come up to those boom gates at the car park and they’ve got a little ticket machine?

“I can never get close enough so I just whip out my handy dandy tongs.”

The driver explained she uses the tongs to grab the ticket with ease, revealing that if there is someone behind her waiting she always checks the review mirror to see them laughing.

The woman said she’d rather be the “weirdo with the tongs who is low-key kinda smart” than the person struggling to get a ticket who holds up the line behind her.

Social media users had a strong reaction to the hilariously ingenious hack.

“I always have to put my car in park, take off my belt and lean out the window or open the door,” one person complained.

Another commented: “As someone who’s short, this is genius.”

“Nah I unbuckle the seat belt and put my whole body in the window if I can’t reach haha,” one confessed.

One user revealed: “I am so doing this. Off I go to get some silicone grip tongs.”

“This would be useful for drive through too (sic). Thanks for the tip,” another commented.

One said: “I’m a good driver and honestly that’s a brilliant idea! Some people just have an off day for driving and those things would certainly help.”

“Not being able to reach things is why I never do drive through, and make my husband do the ticket stuff ahaha,” another wrote.

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