Why are Gen Z ageing faster than Millennials

There’s a growing theory that Generation Z is ageing more rapidly than previous generations.

Online creator Taylor Donoghue, 23, recently went viral for revealing she had a humbling experience after being mistaken for a Millennial.

She said the accusation was made because her boyfriend jokingly posted on the internet that she was in her 40s. The joke fell flat because someone replied and said she thought Taylor was in her 30s.

Taylor looked visibly horrified as she recounted the tale of being “humbled”, but if she thought posting about the experience would reassure her that she does indeed look her age …. she miscalculated.

“It’s your style, it’s kinda giving mum,” one commenter said.

Others put her age at somewhere between 28 and 32, with some claiming it was her “mature” hair style making her look older.

“I thought you were my age and I’m 42,” another person said.

People in the comments were also claiming that Taylor might be mistaken for older because she was so perfectly styled.

She looked polished, sophisticated and put-together not something you’d usually associate with someone in their early twenties.

While there were people in the comment section defending Taylor and claiming she looked her age, the mix-up gave way to a wider debate about the theory that Generation Z are starting to look older than Millennials.

One commenter said they needed to learn the “science” behind why Generation Z look older than Millennials do now.

Then, a slew of Millennials gave anecdotal evidence of being mistaken for being younger than they are.

One said that she was 28, and her sister, 16, was routinely mistaken for being the older sibling.

Similarly, another claimed she was 27 but her sister, 21, was the one that was always assumed to be the eldest.

Opinions and Millennial smugness aside, is there any truth to this?

Millennial creator Grace said that she’s noticed the “spooky” trend that suddenly people younger than her looked her age.

Grace put this down to the fact that Generation Z are ingesting far more nicotine because of the popularity of vaping.

“You could not convince me that it is anything other than nicotine and vaping,” she said.

Grace said she knows her theory makes her sound like a Boomer trying to warn people off her smoking, but she was finding evidence in her own life.

She explained that she had recently spoken to a young girl, 19, who was already considering Botox because she thought her skin was looking lifeless and dull.

The Gen Zer was complaining about ageing while holding a vape in her hand.

“She had no idea that nicotine ages your skin,” Grace said.

Grace said nicotine ages your skin severely because it sends your cells into unwanted activity, making your skin saggy and wrinkled.

She isn’t alone in her theory that vaping is behind why Gen Zers are looking weathered.

Millennial creator Lo said that she thinks there are two reasons why Gen Zers are getting mistaken for Millennials.

She said that she thinks vaping is making them age quicker and pointed out that we still don’t know the long-term effects of the habit.

She also said she thinks it is because Generation Z are becoming fashionable at an earlier age. After all, they have so much access to clothes and content.

She explained that Gen Zers can buy looks they like online and have consumed make-up tutorials since they were young and that is why they look so grown-up.

Others believe the rise in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures among young people is to blame for Generation Z looking older than they really are.

“I think an even bigger problem is that suddenly society is pressuring new kinds of Botox, injectables and all sorts of plastic surgery on even younger people than ever before,” TikToker Andrea said.

“And because a lot of these procedures are brand new, we don’t have a lot of data for how they hold up overtime. We are already starting to see this in unedited photos that have been coming out of celebrities who have really been leaning into these surgeries.”

One celebrity in particular people believe looks older than her real age is Kylie Jenner.

Recent photos of the youngest Jenner sister at Paris Fashion week caused a stir, with people claiming that, while she looks stunning, she also looks older than her 26 years.

One X user claimed she looked like a “beautiful 45-year-old lady”.

“Not saying she’s not a beautiful woman. She is. But she looks older by at least 10 yrs,” another claimed.

Cosmetique’s CEO, Dr Vivek Eranki told news.com.au that he has noticed more young women between the ages of 18 to 30 coming to get work done.

“This demographic shift is concerning, given the potential implications for skin health and overall aesthetics,” he said.

According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, 43 per cent of people aged between 16 to 17 have tried vaping, and this isn’t good news for young people’s skin.

“From a cosmetic and dermatological perspective, the impact of vaping is profoundly detrimental. It compromises skin elasticity and accelerates the formation of wrinkles, thereby ageing the skin prematurely.

“This observation aligns with our clinical findings at Cosmetique, where a considerable number of our Gen Z clientele exhibit these signs,” he said.

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