‘Who TF Did I Marry?’: Woman’s insane divorce earns mega money

An American woman is reportedly earning a massive amount of money after she documented the “insane” way her year-long marriage fell apart in a mammoth 50-part video series.

Reesa Teesa has gripped audiences around the world detailing how she discovered her now ex-husband, who she claims is a “pathological liar”, allegedly conned her into a relationship.

Despite a fairytale beginning, which saw the man – dubbed “Legion” – shower Ms Teesa with promises of a new home and luxury holidays, the relationship quickly soured when it emerged he lied about almost every element of his life.

It took a year for Ms Teesa to piece the alleged web of lies together and uncovering her new man had fabricated a multitude of things, including banking documents and job offers, all to pretend he was wealthy.

He also is alleged to have faked countless phone calls and taken Ms Teesa shopping for a new car – all under the guise that he was a Vice President of a condiment company.

In actual fact, Legion was a fork lift truck driver, who had no money to his name and a penchant for telling elaborate lies.

After the truth emerged, Ms Teesa filed for divorce, and later shared her excruciating ordeal in a TikTok series titled: “Who TF Did I Marry?”

Her cautionary tale quickly blew up, earning millions of views, and reportedly earned the Georgia woman a tidy sum in the process.

TikTok has never been definitive about what it pays video makers, but it’s estimated the current Creativity Program pays out as much as $US1 per 1000 views.

It’s previous financial incentive, the Creator Fund, reportedly paid as little as two cents per 1000 views, Business Insider reported.

Currently, the reward program doesn’t exist in Australia, but for US-based Ms Teesa – who has amassed 2 million followers since she posted her first video on February 15, her streaming success automatically placed her into the social media platform’s program.

With roughly 150 million views to date on her unfortunate video series, she will have netted around $US150,000 (about $AU228,000), The Root reported.

But what was it about Ms Teesa’s videos that made them so binge-worthy?

The videos have an average view count of over 1.4 million, with “Part One” clocking up 25 million views alone, and over 69 thousand comments.

It makes the success of the series, combined with the run-time of over 7 hours, even more staggering. Especially considering the tale, which involves Netflix-worthy twists and turns, is entirely one-sided and unverified.

Undoubtedly, Ms Teesa has captured attention with her enthralling piece-to-camera style, initially telling TikTok viewers she was going to “tell the story of how I met, dated, married and divorced a real pathological liar”.

“I’m going to be truthful, even if it makes me look bad,” she shared.

“I’m going to be honest, but I’m also not going to be disrespectful.”

She goes on to explain she allegedly met Legion through a “Facebook dating site” in March 2020, with the pair hitting it off immediately.

Just a few weeks later, Legion moves in with Ms Teesa as a result of the global pandemic forcing lockdowns, and the pair begin planning their future.

At this point, Legion – who allegedly has already lied to Ms Teesa about who he is and his well paid job – supposedly promises the pair would buy a house using a lump sum he has in an offshore bank account.

“I know it was crazy but I really liked him. Things moved at a rapid, rapid pace,” she explained. “He was telling me everything that I wanted to hear.”

But very quickly, Ms Teesa gets suspicious, as whenever the pair come close to buying a home something always arises that scuppered their plans.

“I remember thinking, ‘What if we don’t get this house? What if he’s lying?’ But who makes up that they’re buying a house when they’re not?” she shared.

“There was always an excuse with him and I didn’t know enough about the process to question stuff.”

Amid this chaos, Ms Teesa unexpectedly fell pregnant, and later tragically miscarries. When she’s admitted to hospital for surgical care, Legion is no where to be seen, insisting he’s “too busy” at work to be by her side.

She pushes through, despite her hunch he’s “lying”, and things pick up for the pair.

They marry and Legion continues with the house hunt, even adding a car into the mix for Ms Teesa.

But just like with the houses, the purchase of a vehicle never materialised, and followed a string of unusual excuses.

“At first I laughed it off because it was so absurd to me but then it became more frequent,” she said.

“But eventually I was emotionally and mentally at a loss. I knew things were changing and I was just like, “What the f**k is going on’.”

Then Legion tells a lie that proved too much to swallow, sending Ms Teesa scavenging to reveal the truth.

She claims Legion told her his ex-wife – who has two kids that he’s very close to – had lost her daughter due to Covid, stating he needs to send her money.

Around the same time she said she noticed a discrepancy in his social security number.

So when she stumbled across his ex-wife’s phone number on their divorce papers, she calls her, and uncovered one of Legion’s biggest lies.

The young girl wasn’t dead, she was perfectly fine, and he hadn’t sent her any money.

Legion’s ex-wife also delivered a warning, telling Ms Teesa “everything he says is a lie”.

It takes just a few weeks for their entire relationship to come tumbling down like a stack of cards – and social media users are hooked, with some calling for Ms Teesa’s story to be made into a real TV show.

“Netflix needs to sign this up fast,” one remarked.

“This story is actually insane,” another shared.

“I’ve not watched TV in days,” someone else mused.

Others praised Ms Teesa for being so “honest”, even when it made her look bad, stating it would help other women to share red flags that shouldn’t be ignored.

“Moral of the story: don’t let your singleness drive you into the wrong arms. Don’t rush the process and get to know the person,” one commented.

“My attention span is extremely limited, but baby when I tell you I watched ALL 50 episodes on normal speed without skipping,” another boasted.

As one stated: “You walked away faster than most. Please give yourself grace️.”

Many more revealed they were “emotional” at the end of the “TikTok movie”, as others shared their shock, and even the creative ways in which they were watching it.

“The whole world right now,” one video reads, which shows Ms Teesa’s TikTok videos being streamed on a large TV.

Meanwhile the Shameless Podcast, hosted by Melbourne journalists Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, declared Ms Teesa was now their “best friend”.

Ms Teesa has since shared a string of follow up videos discussing her instant viral fame, revealing she was “embarrassed” and “shocked” by her own actions, but wanted to share her story with the aim of helping someone else who is “ignoring red flags” and “making bad decisions”.

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