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In the 2023 book You Can’t Mess It Up: Why Eating Out, Enjoying Dessert, and De-Stressing Your Diet Leads to Weight Loss That Lasts, Adam Bornstein, one of the world’s leading health consultants from the game, offers realistic advice.

As CEO and founder of Born Fitness, former editorial director of livestrong.com and fitness editor for Men’s Health Magazine, he has worked with celebrities such as LeBron James, Cindy Crawford and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We categorize health as a choice, and while you have a say in what you eat and how you exercise, the environment you live in and the endless options available to you make it difficult to see the real problems,” Bornstein writes. “There are dozens of diets out there, each offering different opinions, which means you never really feel confident that you’re doing what’s right for your body.”

Bornstein points out how the wellness industry as it is has fed people negativity and that a one-size-fits-all mindset won’t work. The book equips readers with tools that empower them to forge their own path and customize ideas to fit their lifestyle and goals.

He offers solutions such as a six-week plan that allows you to eat without counting calories and offers suggestions for takeout options from the top 50 most visited restaurants in the US to make it easier for readers to select carefully. He also includes 30 delicious and nutritious recipes that can be made in 15 minutes, including indulgent yet healthy versions of toasted bread sticks, sweet potato mac and cheese, and nachos.

The foreword, written by bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician Schwarzenegger, who has known the author for a decade, is surprisingly thoughtful and self-aware while also being helpful.

“It’s frustrating to see so many plans built around fear and negative motivation,” writes Schwarzenegger. “When I look at the amount of shame and guilt, I’m not surprised that so many people have struggled to eat better and exercise consistently. As I sit and see many people struggling to get healthier, I get frustrated for them because I see many people who want to change and are motivated to do so. Nobody ever changed by fighting. Change only comes from a positive outlook.”

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