What Old El Paso girl looks like now

Everyone remembers the Old El Paso advertisements that featured the iconic line “porque no los dos” or “why don’t we have both?”.

Now Mia Agraviador – the six-year-old girl who interjected with the frequently quoted phrase while her on-screen family debated over soft or hard shell tacos – is all grown up.

The now 23-year-old has whipped out the phrase once again while dancing in a TikTok video to promote Mingle Seasoning spice blends and is promoting the brand in Melbourne.

And the former child actor is no longer the little girl that has been imprinted on all of our minds – now she has tattoos, she’s ditched the bob and has an elegant sense of style.

It’s not the first ad she’s been in since growing up, with the Sydneysider also appearing in an advertisement for furniture company Koala in 2020.

On her social media account Mia, who works at JD Sports, shares her love of dancing, art and fashion.

Social media users lost their cool at the inclusion of the blast from the past.

“This is so iconic,” one social media user declared.

Another said: “I quote from that ad at least once a week.”

“OMG yusss! I remember that girl. Huge slayyy,” another commented.

One said: “This is the best marketing ever! Love it!!!!!”

“Sending this to my advertising lecturer … this is great,” another said.

One social media user said that Mia’s grown up look made them feel old, and they weren’t feeling alone in that sentiment as it had been 18 years since she first appeared on screens.

Mia said she loves to eat and cook food that remind her of her family, and that Mingle aligned with that.

“I am half Latina and half Filipino. My Central American side is Costa Rican and Honduran,” she said in a statement.

“My grandparents have their own styles of making food and their whole family vibe is very wholesome.

“My family all sing and play guitar together while the aunties will be cooking. Even with my Filipino side, it’s very much the same – It’s very family oriented!”

Mingle’s new seasonings – Mexican Fajita, Mild Chipotle and Mellow Taco – cost $2.60 each and launched in Coles on March 6.

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