Watch out, Dude!, SuperPlanet’s latest release, is now available for pre-registration

SuperPlanet has recently unveiled its newest game, Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude and it is currently available for pre-registration. The character known as the Dude, who gained fame for his distinctive humor in Missile Dude RPG, makes a comeback in this fresh installment. The spotlight is on, as players eagerly anticipate whether Boomerang RPG can replicate the widespread appeal that Missile Dude RPG achieved.

Boomerang RPG brings exhilarating action in the legendary Dude’s world with dynamic screen transitions

The Legendary Dude experiences growth alongside his boomerang. Players can follow the directions provided by Master Nyan to gather and upgrade various boomerangs, engaging in battles against demons. Strategic demon-fighting is facilitated through the utilization of four distinct boomerangs: Rotating, Penetrating, Elastic, and Clone boomerangs. An effective tip involves employing the Elastic Boomerang to target multiple enemies due to its elastic property.

SuperPlanet Boomerang RPG
Image via SuperPlanet

The game offers dynamic screen transitions and vibrant damage indicators that appear each time the boomerang is thrown, contributing to the exhilarating action. The Dude, being astute, injects humor into the game through well-timed dialogues. The pinnacle of action is reached when the magical effects on boomerangs unleash colorful elemental attacks.

Pre-register now to join the demon hunt in Dude world and unlock exclusive rewards

As individuals embark on demon-hunting adventures in Dude World, delving into the narratives of these supernatural beings one by one, they will soon find themselves deeply engrossed in the gaming experience. Exploring the Demon Collection allows them to learn about each demon’s vulnerabilities, enabling quicker takedowns.

Completing the collection to 100% ensures that the Dude becomes an unbeatable force. In pursuit of the pre-registration milestone mission, players are encouraged to pre-register and join the demon-hunting frenzy with their boomerangs.

  • For reaching 200,000 pre-registrations: Gold x1,000,000
  • For reaching 300,000 pre-registrations: Rubies x5,000
  • For reaching 500,000 pre-registrations: Rubies x10,000 + Summer Hat Costume

Pre-registration for Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude! is now open on Play Store or App Store.

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