Watch out, Dude! is now available on Android and iOS

SuperPlanet returns with its latest release, Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude now available on Android and iOS platforms. Building upon the success of its predecessor, “Missile Dude RPG,” which garnered adoration from fans globally for its distinct humor, the protagonist, known as the Dude, makes a comeback in Boomerang RPG.

This sequel amalgamates maximum-level quirky humor, exhilarating action, and rapid character progression into a single gaming experience. As an idle game, players can anticipate witnessing the Dude’s rapid growth as he zealously pursues every demon within his reach.

Unleash the power of companions in your epic battles in Boomerang RPG

To enhance the Legendary Boomerang Dude’s prowess, players are advised to experiment with costumes like Sunny Side Up, Flower on the Head, and Parasite Demon. Despite their humorous appearance, these costumes harbor remarkable effects. Once donned, they noticeably boost the Dude’s statistics. During the 7-Day Attendance Event, there’s a rare opportunity to acquire the exclusive Plunger costume, a must-have item not to be overlooked.

Boomerang RPG Watch Out Dude
Image via SuperPlanet

The mantra “the more, the merrier” holds true as players advance, encountering companions willing to join the Dude in his crusade against demons. Gathering all four companions is pivotal; as they level up, their individual strength increases, bolstering the entire party’s might. Hence, players shouldn’t underestimate the significance of empowering their companions.

Explore exciting modes beyond the main story in Boomerang RPG

While the main storyline involves demon hunting, various other modes such as Bounty Mission and Titanium Golem Dungeon await exploration. Whether it’s apprehending notorious demons or safeguarding Dongdong the blacksmith in an Escort Mission, bountiful rewards await. It’s imperative to gather resources diligently from dungeons, as they are essential for summoning additional boomerangs and acquiring gear.

An attendance event is being organized to mark the official launch of “Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude!” A diverse range of in-game items and resources will be up for grabs during this event, making it imperative not to overlook this opportunity to gain an advantage! Here’s what’s in store for each day:

Day 1: Rubies x9,000
Day 2: Titanium x9,000
Day 3: A set of 4 Epic (Nature) Boomerangs
Day 4: Ability Tickets x10
Day 5: Magic Effect Packets x5
Day 6: Boomerang Blueprints x400
Day 7: Ultra-rare Plunger hat

Boomerang RPG is now available for download on Play Store or App Store.

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