Warzone Mobile brings day one patch fixes and addresses critical game issues

COD Warzone Mobile, after a long wait has officially launched on mobile, and to everyone’s surprise, the game wasn’t able to fulfil the hype on its first day of release. There are a lot of outcries in the community regarding how bad the game is and, sadly, has hit low ratings on app stores. However, efforts are being made to make the game experience better, and for the same, Warzone Mobile has arrived with day one patch fixes alongside addressing critical game issues.

Warzone Mobile day one patch fixes

In the recent update for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, several issues have been successfully addressed to improve the player experience. These include fixing incorrect disk space error messages, resolving server log errors that were causing connection issues and server performance problems, and mitigating performance issues and crashes caused by an excessive number of vehicles spawning.

All the mentioned above were in high reports since players struggled to get into the game and have smooth gameplay. However, the ability to rejoin matches in progress has been temporarily disabled to enhance overall performance and minimize crashes, which might irk us but with the connection issues fixed I hope it doesn’t trouble us. But this issue is currently in the progress of being added back with improved stability, so you need not worry.

Warzone Mobile issues that are in check

Now, the above issues were addressed, but the team was honest enough to list out other issues that are monitored by the team and also ongoing fixing. Currently, they are focused on optimizing asset prefetching on Android devices to reduce loading times, re-enabling enemy outlines in the HUD to improve visibility, and preparing for adjusting armour and health values to increase survivability with longer time-to-kill (TTK).

Warzone Mobile controls
Image via Activision

What is currently ongoing is that developers are trying to resolve stability and performance issues specific to certain devices and also trying to prevent the game from being downloaded on unsupported devices. As part of the pending release, they have addressed inconsistencies in UAV scan ranges on certain devices, which details aren’t known yet.

I see this as a good step towards improving game quality. I do see some issues being very critical, especially optimization, and some issues such as overheating in some devices not being addressed here, but they will surely be reflected upon soon.

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