‘Wake up screaming’: 12yo’s snake horror

A 12-year-old girl who cast aside her fear of snakes to save her beloved guinea pig said she has been left with “trauma” over the ordeal.

Rosie Wightman, niece of Brisbane radio host Kip Wightman, fought off a huge python as it tried to gobble up her guinea pig, Maxibon.

In the backyard of her Eumundi home, Rosie recounted the moment she saw the snake and thought “oh crap”.

She raced into the garden to rescue her furry friend by grabbing the snake and swinging it around, trying to make it release Maxibon.

Rosie’s father, Luke, rushed to help. Little Maxibon was eventually freed and the snake flung away.

Remarkably, the guinea pig survived the terrifying ordeal – albeit with a few scratches.

Modest about her heroic behaviour, Rosie said she was just relieved her much-loved pet was still alive.

But, in a recent interview with the Washington Post Rosie revealed she “did have a little bit of trauma from it”.

“I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night just randomly screaming because I would think ‘oh the guinea pigs are still out there’,” she said.

“But then I would look over my shoulder into the corner of the room and I’d see two guinea pigs snuggled up together.”

However, Rosie said she would make the same decision every single time.

A week on and Maxibon is doing well after a “pretty big” week but is feeling a little tired from the stress but back to acting crazy as per usual.

Rosie’s dad also said the snake was fine and he eventually tossed it into the neighbour’s yard, and had to quickly apologise.

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