Viral wedding video shows what couples are getting wrong

A video of a woman’s parents on their wedding has seemingly proven one of the biggest mistakes modern couples make on their big day.

Shared to Reddit by user Starstufft in the Made Me Smile thread, the footage quickly drummed up more than 31,000 likes.

“My parents’ wedding. They were in LOVE love,” the caption read.

The video showed the pair at the altar saying their vows – before the bride dashed off before her new husband had a chance to kiss her. The camera then followed the couple running into the sand, where they wound up in an embrace.

Responding to the sweet moment, dozens of users said it was what they “imagined” when they “hear the word ‘love’. Truly beautiful video!” – and how special a wedding could be without the need for anything elaborate.

“THIS is more precious than worrying about the perfect dress, venue, food, etc. They made it their own instead of trying to fit a mould. Beautiful,” one person said.

“Those are honestly the kind of couples that make it through. Too many people think they want a marriage when really they want a wedding,” another agreed.

“The people in attendance barely responded when they took off. [It’s] like everybody just knew, that’s how they are, which indicates an intimate affair filled with love and understanding. Super awesome,” a third wrote.

Figures last year revealed Australians are paying more than ever for their nuptials – with the financial commitment needed to make the day perfect now in the realm of major life decisions like saving for a house deposit.

The Easy Weddings 2023 Wedding Industry Report – compiled from a survey of almost 600 wedding businesses and more than 3500 couples – found the average Aussie wedding cost $34,715.

Despite cost of living pressures, couples’ wedding budgets were up by 8.5 per cent, the report found, with 65 per cent of participants saying they’d made cuts in their daily lives, rather than making sacrifices on the big day. The most significant stressor, unsurprisingly, was budgeting.

Data from wedding industry group ABIA Weddings Australia made similar findings, with the average wedding in 2023 costing $40,700 (despite an average budget of $33,300).

While one of the factors driving increased expenses is that wedding vendors are passing on their own rising costs (due to inflation), ABIA managing director Natasha O’Meara said spending is also up because of a preference for more individualised celebrations.

“They’re investing more in, perhaps, the aesthetics of the wedding – more florals or chandeliers to have that ‘wow’ factor, or perhaps they’re bringing in entertainment to have a more memorable event for their guests,” Ms O’Meara told the Australian Financial Review.

“That could be anything from a violin performer to a magician to indoor fireworks, or something really unique like a gelato stand or a cocktail performance.”

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