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With the new month of October, Mobile Legends will be bringing numerous skins, a lot of events and many more. One of the most interesting updates that is coming is the 7th Year Anniversary of Mobile Legends. The developers would be celebrating this with the introduction of numerous events and even a free Johnson special skin, which will be up for grabs amongst other interesting rewards. A new skin series event is also expected to be released in the month of October 2023. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out the leaks of events and skins that will be dropping in the month of October 2023 in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends October 2023 Leaks: Upcoming Skins

Layla “Star Enforcer” Starlight skin

Mobile Legends October Starlight Layla

In the upcoming month of October 2023, popular marksman hero Layla will be getting a new Starlight skin. The New Starlight skin is titled Twilight Waltz and it portrays Layla as a pretty and capable young hero. The skin has cool visuals and intriguing skill effects. Other rewards can be gained from purchasing the Starlight pass, This includes the exclusive Starlight painted skin, exclusive emotes, exclusive sacred statues and an exclusive trail effect. This Starlight Pass is worth the buy, due to the amazing rewards it provides.

Johnson’s Special skin

Mobile Legends October 2023 Leaks, Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary Johnson skin
Image via MOONTON Games

As Mobile Legends is going to be celebrating its 7th Year Anniversary next month, the developers are going to be giving out a new event-exclusive skin for players to get. This skin is for the just revamped Car-Transforming Hero, Johnson and he’s going to be getting a new special skin. The skin’s artwork looks really cool as it makes him seem more fierce in the skin design.

Pharsa’s Epic Skin

A new Epic skin for burst mage hero, Pharsa, is expected to be released in the month of October. The new epic skin is titled Neon Shingetsu and it showcases Pharsa as some powerful planetary being. The skin would cost 899 diamonds, however, players can make use of the first-week discount to buy the skin for as low as 629 diamonds.

Akai’s new Halloween skin

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween event, a new Akai Halloween-themed skin will be released on the 23rd of October 2023. Other Halloween-themed skins are also expected to return for a limited-time sale. The skin is titled Pumpkin Brawler and it showcases Akai in a pumpkin costume. The skin would be costing 749 diamonds however utilizing the launch week discount of 30% would reduce the price to as low as 529 diamonds.

Mobile Legends October 2023 Leaks: Upcoming Events for October 2023

Grand Collection Event

The month of October 2023 will be featuring a new Collector skin for mage hero, Vexana. The Grand Collection event is expected to be live as of the 5th of October, 2023. Vexana’s new Collector skin is titled “The Sun Empress” and it has an exquisite design that properly suits the skin title. Players who do not intend to get Vexana’s Collector skin could opt for either of the two other collector skins that would be featured in October’s Grand Collection Event. The skins include:

  • Ling “Serene Plume” Collector Skin
  • Miya “Doom Catalyst” Collector Skin

Mobile Legends 7-Year Anniversary Event

Mobile Legends October 2023 Leaks, Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.20 Update, Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary
Image via MOONTON Games

Mobile Legends going to be celebrating its 7-year anniversary on the 30th of September, 2023. There would be a lot of new sub-events to release with this event. Some of the anniversary-themed events include:

  • Party-on Dreamers event (30th of September 2023)
  • 7th Anniversary Skin event (4th of October 2023)

Ducati Skins Event

An upcoming skins series event has been officially teased to get released in Mobile Legends. The new collab skin series event is titled “Ducati Event” and it is expected to be live in the original server on either the 7th or 9th of October, 2023. The skins are known as Ducati skins and they would be featuring new event-exclusive Skins for Benedetta and Irithel.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.20 Update, Mobile Legends Ducati event free skin
Image via Kazuki Official

The event would allow players to get some unique in-game materials such as exclusive Recall effects, Emotes, Avatar borders and lots more. The event would also be pretty much similar to the Transformers skins event, as it is a Bingo event with similar event rules, daily draws and Prizepool just as in the Transformers Collab event. Players would also be able to get different grades of other skins with the likes of Basic, Elite, Special or even Epic skins from just drawing in the event.

What are your thoughts on all the leaks of upcoming skins and events of Mobile Legends in October 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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