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PUBG Mobile or BGMI is yet to introduce the A7 Royale Pass into the game, but the reward list is already out. The next theme mode in PUBG Mobile is going to be based on a futuristic robotic vibe, so the next Royale pass is also going to be neon-mecha-themed. We took a close look at the tier list and free rewards. Besides, the premium reward list is also available to take a look at. The latest 3.2 version update was revealed some days ago and now we can get to take a look at our upcoming Mechafusion-themed Royale pass as well. The official name of the C6S16 A7 Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile is yet to be known.

This new system provides players with double the rewards for each part of the Royale pass. This new Royale pass is going to be divided into two different sections, each section costs 360 UC to unlock. The upcoming RP that is C6S16 A7 is no exception, either as the developers are back with more exciting and cool skins and rewards.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI C6S16 A7 RP Leaks: New Outfits and Skins

At the 1st RP rank of the A7 Royale Pass, a player will get a legendary class outfit. It is not anything out of the box, but it doesn’t look bad either.

PUBG Mobile BGMI A7 Royale Pass Legendary Class Outfit
Image via Classified YT

Royale Pass 10 provides the players with a legendary gun skin and the gun is most likely to be a SCAR-L. It is a very good match with the RP100 outfit which the players will get later on in the game. The high-definition picture of the assault rifle is not available as of now. We will update the article once we get a better-quality picture.

At Royale Pass 15, players will get a Mechafusion-themed airplane finish, they will also get a decent-looking epic emote. At RP rank 20, players will get a good-looking, futuristic backpack skin. A free Royale Pass level of 25 will provide every player who reaches the 25th rank an epic parachute skin.

PUBG Mobile BGMI A7 Royale Pass mythic class outfit 
Image via Classified YT

A mythic class outfit will be available in the 40th rank of the A7 Royale Pass. The name of the skin is unknown. We will update the article once we get more details. This outfit is one of the best outfits available in the game with brilliant textures.

Special upgradeable Skin

PUBG Mobile BGMI A7 Royale Pass PP-19 Bizon sub-machinegun skin
Image via Classified YT

Finally, at RP50 players will get an upgradeable PP-19 Bizon sub-machine gun skin. Players will be able to upgrade it to level 3 with one big material and five mini-materials.

PUBG Mobile C6S16 A7 Royale Pass: New Levitron skin and more

Image via Classified YT

In this new Royale Pass, a brand-new equipment skin is coming. The name of the skin is Levitron. It is the skin of the mecha-robots which can be found in alien spaceships in Mechafusion mode. As per the leaks, two different-colored levitron skins are coming to the game. It will surely bring a new essence to the gameplay.

Avatar Frame and Special Emote

PUBG Mobile BGMI A7 Royal Pass Avatar frame and special emote
Image via Classified YT

Players who will buy the Royale Pass Plus variant will also get a special complimentary avatar frame and epic level emote which are shown below. This emote and frame will be exclusive and will give the players a bragging right.

M24 skin

PUBG Mobile BGMI A7 Royal Pass M24 sniper rifle skin
Image via Classified YT

An M24 sniper rifle skin will be available in the 90th rank of the C6S16 A7 Royale Pass. The name of the skin is still yet to be known. We will update the article once we get more details. This M24 skin is one of the best skins available in the game with brilliant textures. Long-ranger players will surely like this finish. It will be a legendary class skin.


Finally, at Royale Pass 100, players will get a mythic outfit. This new outfit is going to be one of a kind. For the first time, players will get a special spawn island emote with this outfit that they will be able to show off. This new outfit is one of the best RP 100-rank outfits among all 7 Cycle season A series Royale passes.

PUBG Mobile BGMI A7 Royal Pass mythic outfit
Image via Classified YT

Besides, the rewards for those who buy the C6S16 A7 Royale Pass, there will also be the usual rewards for those who don’t. It includes silver, crate coupons, a free emote, an outfit, and a gun skin among other things. Players will have to claim this via ranking up in the Royale Pass by RP points, which can be achieved by completing weekly RP missions. Don’t forget to complete the missions.

Final Thoughts

PUBG Mobile or BGMI is coming in with everything for their RP rewards. Only time will tell if the players will like it when they get released through reviews and reactions. But as of now, they are looking good enough. Check our other articles on PUBG Mobile:

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