‘Unhinged’ way that couple speaks to each other revealed

A woman has joked that her eight-year relationship has turned her into a “monster,” saying that if the internet ever found out how the couple speaks to each other she’d have to go into hiding.

Sam Hart, from the US, has been with her fiance Chandler for eight years.

She revealed in a TikTok video at the beginning of their relationship they’d communicate in “normal ways” using phrases like “hello, how are you?”

“Over the past eight years it has devolved into something so sinister, something so unhinged and uncontrollable,” she said.

“I think some of the stuff started as a joke – like making fun of people who say ‘babe’ and ‘daddy’ and things like that.

“But I don’t think we even speak English to each other at this point.”

She said the couple have to put ‘ie’s at the end of everything now – so Chandler is Chandies and Sam is Samdies, Schnoopy or Lumlum. Baby and daddy is now babies and daddies.

“I know you all do this too because I’ve seen you talk about it on this app,” she said.

“Were our parents doing this behind out backs this whole time and we just missed it? Is our generation cursed?”

Sam added that she thinks everyone needed to go away for a long time and think about our actions.

Thousands of social media users shared their own ways that they and their partner communicate in private.

“My husband and I speak like Borat all day every day at home and I DREAD the day it comes out at a social event,” one social media user commented.

Another added: “My husband accidentally said leggie legs at work and he came home traumatised.”

“The way my husband and I talk to each other is honestly so embarrassing, but it just comes so naturally now,” another said.

One shared: “Once my bf said hannies, as in ‘are your hannies cold’ in front of a friend. The look of absolute horror on her face is unforgettable.”

According to Psychology Today, using baby talk within a relationship has benefits including showing more security, helping to elicit affection and bringing couples closer together.

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