Tribal Rise, a strategy title has officially launched for Android

Tribal Rise, a strategy game developed by SkyRise Digital has been launched for Android. As the story begins, sea levels are rising and the land is flooded causing terrible harm to the tribe’s dwellings and scattering tribe members. As chief of the tribe, you are the only hope for the survival of human civilization.

Rebuild to save your village and people in Tribal Rise

As chief of the tribe, you are the only hope for the survival of human civilization. You will guide the remaining tribal members in quest of new land as sea levels rise and the land floods, causing serious damage to the tribe’s homes and scattering tribe members.

Various Obstacles Await, and the question is can you effectively guide your tribe to restore their farmhouse with supplies running low, divided tribe members, greedy barbarians, and fierce marine creatures?

Tribal Rise Launched Android
Image Via SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd

Fresh water is critical for the island’s residents. Use ancient charms to summon rain and acquire the necessary resources for the tribe’s survival and growth. Rebuilding your house necessitates the combined efforts of all tribe members.

Tasks such as foraging, hunting, construction, and others should be assigned. Set out on an adventure across the wide and limitless ocean. Meet huge marine animals, explore fascinating islands loaded with resources, and discover the golden tree’s limitless potential. Create harbors and engage in commerce to gain a wide range of resources.

Tribal Rise is now available on Android

Tribal Rise is currently available on Android devices all across the world. So tribal chiefs from all over the world join the effort of reconstructing your communities and leading your civilization away from troubles and back to pleasant prosperous days.

The game will be a free-to-play game on launch with in-app purchases. Currently, the game is available on Android, via the Google Play Store. The details about the iOS release haven’t been revealed yet, so keep an eye on updates.

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