Travis Kelce, Matty Healy: Taylor meets all her boyfriends Mums

Taylor Swift is known for dating famous men, but she pulls a power move in every relationship that can’t be ignored for a second longer.

Everyone loves to be fascinated by all the men in Swift’s life.

Sure, she’s had long-term relationships like her one with Calvin Harris that almost lasted two years and her love affair with Joe Alwyn that spanned six years, but she’s also played the field.

She’s briefly dated Tom Hiddleston, Matty Healy and now Travis Kelce.

She’s also met all their mums.

A fling is not getting in the way of Ms Swift meeting your family and that is what we should be talking about.

Obviously, at some point in every relationship, you must meet your partner’s mum; usually, it explains so much about them.

You leave that brunch thinking, “Oh, no wonder you struggle to process emotions.”

Everyone’s timeline looks different, but you usually do introductions once things become serious.

Maybe you’ve bought a Koala lounge together, co-hosted a party, or even no longer refer to him as “that guy from Tinder”.

Taylor doesn’t wait for that moment.

She dives into meeting anyone’s mum, which is the kind of power move most of us can barely process.

Yesterday, Taylor sent the world into a spin when she was spotted watching Kelce’s NFL team, the Chiefs, play and win.

Sure, she’s dating someone new, cool, but you know what is interesting she was spotted in the VIP area alongside his mum, watching the game.

It’s hard to pin down a complete timeline because Taylor’s known for trying to conduct her dating life in private, but realistically, she’s been dating him for probably a couple of weeks max.

It wasn’t that long ago she was spotted holding hands with 1975’s Matty Healy and hanging out with his mum instead.

Well, it seems like she’s changed the man and the mum.

She was seen laughing, smiling and vibing with Travis’ mum.

It is one thing to win over a man. It is an entirely other thing to win over his mum, and it’s a smart and wholesome move.

Actually, it’s Swift’s signature move. She’s done this several times and you have to admire her confidence.

The woman has a trend of winning over both mother and son.

She was spotted hanging out with Healey’s mum backstage when she was linked to Healy in July.

A photo of the two smiling together was posted on social media. The woman went social media official with his mum, but she never did with Healy.

When she briefly dated Hiddleston in 2016, she was spotted spending time with him and his mum in England.

She’d famously bailed from Calvin Harris and, within weekends, was spotted cuddling up with not just Hiddleston, but Hiddleston and his mum on a beach,

The whole thing looked like a scene from a Hallmark movie or a moment from a sappy Nicholas Sparks novel.

Are you seeing a pattern?

Swift knows how to win men over, which is to win the mother over at any cost. Take them for romantic walks, wine and dine them and don’t be above cheering alongside them.

Unlike the rest of us mere mortals who spend months putting off meeting the mum.

She launches straight into it.

She meets the man, meets the mum and makes a move.

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