Tragic update from The Family ‘cult’ survivor

An Australian has shared a heartbreaking plea after revealing they are “one of the last surviving Anne Hamilton-Byrne children” – a reference to the infamous doomsday cult that operated out of Melbourne between 1963 and 1989.

The survivor posted anonymously to a Facebook group in the area where The Family cult operated in the Dandenong Ranges, south-east of Melbourne, earlier this week.

They revealed their lives were difficult and they slept rough in their car – a vehicle people had tried to break into at night – and were “forced to work” 40 hours a week at other locations for the privilege. to park one’s car on someone’s property.

“Right now I’m in a shady location on a friends property with no sun and little to no wind,” the person revealed in their online post.

“I freeze at night and the entire contents of my vehicle are destroyed by the resulting condensation and mold and my health is affected as I cannot ventilate during the day at my current location.”

The survivor said they finally felt comfortable asking for help in a public setting after Hamilton-Byrne died aged 98 in 2019 after a long battle with dementia.

The family operated from the 1960s to the 1980s, led by Hamilton-Byrne, who claimed to be the female reincarnation of Jesus Christ, who was sent to gather children and raise them as her own to protect them from the apocalypse.

Members were brainwashed into handing over their children to their families – while some even stole babies – to become part of a “master race”.

A total of 28 children were allegedly taken and raised identically, with adults now reporting that they were drugged, beaten, starved and forced to dye their hair platinum blonde.

At the time of Hamilton-Byrne’s death, a class action was filed by victims of the cult who were suing the cult matriarch for the 19 years of abuse they suffered from her. Her death led to the postponement.

The anonymous poster said they had a support network on the mountain but didn’t want to deplete that by living on their property. They revealed they moved from a sunnier location to one where they are now “literally swimming in condensation and mold”.

“I have exhausted all avenues of search, having recently moved to this location to find out how unsuitable it is for vehicles due to lack of sun or wind,” the person said.

“I often park elsewhere for sunlight/breeze, however I regularly have people try to break into my vehicle while I’m inside it at night or I’m harassed by others or very disturbed by noise and can’t leave the vehicle open during the day for ventilation – obviously not ideal.

“I am extremely resourceful, polite and open to the brief moments I have to interact with the public. Otherwise, I must be alone.”

They said they were taken advantage of in the past because of their anxieties and growing up.

“Please do not recommend the standard pathway to homelessness assistance. If you’re homeless, you’ll understand why,” the person said.

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