Tower of Fantasy introduces a new Simulacrum Brevey, set to release on January 9th

Tower of Fantasy will release a new Simulacrum in the Global version in the coming weeks. Players must brace themselves for an amazing Simulacrum and more in the second half of the version 3.5 update, which includes the investigation of new characters and a fascinating story. Brevey, a new limited Simulacrum that will be available in Tower of Fantasy on January 9, 2024, will be included in the upcoming updated edition.

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.5 “Winter’s Electrifying Rhapsody” Update

Each update brings exciting new possibilities to the ever-expanding world of Tower of Fantasy. The latest update to the game, Winter’s Electrifying Rhapsody (version 3.5), is no exception. It introduces many new features, including a new gameplay mode called Beast Capture, a limited-time Raid, a shining new Relic, and more.

Tower of Fantasy Brevey
Image via Level Infinite

They introduced a new Simulacrum named Yan Miao in the first part of Tower of Fantasy version 3.5. Prepare for the second half of version 3.5, which will introduce a brand-new character named Brevey, a limited Simulacrum. Brevey is a leading tech engineer in Hykros. She believes that science is cool, but that at the end of the day, love and hope save the world.

Should you Pull for Brevey in Tower of Fantasy

Brevey is a Volt Frost Support character who wields the Pactcrest Metz. Her Weapon resonance is such that when the weapon charge is depleted, the target enters a Volt-Frost Dissolve state for 45 seconds, increasing the target’s Volt and Frost damage received by 10%, plus an additional 15% during team play (this effect replaces the Grievous effect, and Grievous cannot be applied while this effect is active).

When an enemy is affected by Volt-Frost Dissolve, a Frost attack will freeze the target for 2 seconds, while a Volt attack will remove the target’s buff effects. These effects can only be triggered once every 15 seconds on the same target. Brevey also has a high Shatter Stat with 12.00 S-shatter, which makes her a very good unit to shatter enemies as a Support.

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