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The 2024 MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational was officially inaugurated today and is scheduled to run until the 31st of March. This tournament comprises two distinct stages. The initial stage showcases eight teams, encompassing JDG, KBG, LL, MYG, NOVA, XYG, MXG, and MAX. Upon conclusion of both stages, the teams securing top ranks will progress to the Esports World Cup (EWC) China Qualification Tournament, held concurrently with the Mid-Season Cup (MSC).

MLBB CN Pre-season Invitational 2024 enters China promising professional opportunities

With the official introduction of MLBB CN Esports in China, Mike Chu, who serves as the Head of MLBB CN Esports region, expressed the aspiration to swiftly establish a robust competition framework for local clubs, offer competitive training avenues for professional players, and deliver top-tier competition content for players eagerly anticipating the launch and trial of MLBB CN.

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The endeavor aims to provide professional pathways for both grassroots and established Chinese players, demonstrating the growth, prowess, and potential of Chinese esports to a global audience exceeding one billion players. Additionally, it seeks to introduce a fresh mobile MOBA dimension to esports clubs and partners, collaborating closely with teams representing over 50 countries and regions to facilitate broader global opportunities for partners.

Regarding the involvement of the MLBB CN from prominent esports organizations, Mike Chu expressed gratitude, stating, “We extend our special appreciation to the esports clubs and players who participated during the pre-season phase. We anticipate seeing Chinese clubs and players realize their full potential on the global stage of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We extend an invitation to esports teams and players to contemplate joining us on MLBB CN.

China Secures Two Slots in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Mid Season Cup

Over the past couple of years, the esports ecosystem of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on a global scale has experienced significant growth. In January 2024, the announcement from both Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports and the Esports World Cup Foundation designated the MOBA game as the premier participating title.

By July, the commencement of the Mid Season Cup and the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women’s Invitational is scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As part of the MSC Wild Card format and the primary group stage event, China has been granted two slots.

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