Tourist loses it after discovering McDonald’s in Australia sells hash browns all day

A British tourist has lost his mind after discovering a late-night Aussie Macca’s menu item fast-food lovers can’t get in the UK.

Ieuan Jones, a popular food blogger from Wales, is currently travelling around Australia where he has been enjoying all the local offerings, including a visit to Australia Zoo, a trip down the Great Ocean Road, and of course, tasting the local cuisine.

After a week Down Under, the “McDonzz” lover couldn’t resist a visit to the Golden Arches to see how the fast-food chain varied on opposite sides of the world.

The 24-year-old shared a video of his Australian McDonald’s order, revealing he’d purchased a Big Mac, fries, a wrapper and two bottles of water alongside a hash brown at 9pm.

Hash browns have been available during opening hours since McDonald’s Australia introduced the All-Day Breakfast menu in 2015.

But internationally, many restaurants only serve them until 11am, including Mr Jones’ home country.

“A hash brown? The UK needs to up their f**king game,” he declared on TikTok.

“Because it’s 9 o’clock at night and I’ve just ordered a hash brown.


During his video, he could be seen enjoying his late-night Macca’s in his hotel bed, declaring the hash brown wasn’t the only “unreal” item in his order.

“The barbecue sauce here is so good,” he said, dunking his fried potato treat in the dip.

He also highly rated the Aioli sauce, revealing it was something he couldn’t get with his takeaway in the UK.

Reaction to Mr Jones’ clip has been huge, with many stating they were “starting a petition” to get the Aussie menu item in the UK immediately.

“We need hash browns all the time,” one agreed.

“Why do the Aussies get this and we don’t?” another raged.

As one declared: “Bloody Australia.”

“Noooo way, can’t believe Maccies aus do hash browns all day, I love them,” another shared.

“A HASH BROWN AT 9PM? THAT’S ELITE,” someone else mused.

Others called for Mr Jones, who has amassed 757,000 followers with his food videos, to try other Australian menu items and give a full review.

In a separate post on Instagram, Mr Jones could be seen enjoying another local delicacy – Red Rooster.

A photo shows the content creator holding a box of chicken nuggets and placing one in his mouth.

He is yet to share his verdict on the cult Australian fast-food chain.

Mr Jones’ delight at the all-day hash browns comes just a few weeks after an American student currently studying in Sydney complained about the fact Australian McDonald’s outlets don’t use plastic utensils or straws.

Exchange student Sammy shared her surprise that, unlike in the US, the McFlurry dessert she ordered was stirred by a special machine using its classic plastic spoon.

“Hold your shock: Australian McFlurrys are not blended. Like, they are just ice cream with the toppings on the top. That’s it,” she said.

“And they have chocolate ice cream at McDonald’s here, and a full coffee bar that you can order from at McDonald’s. Very interesting stuff, very interesting.”

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