Top Troops is a new RPG by Zynga now available globally on Android and iOS

In an official statement, Zynga Inc revealed that its subsidiary, Socialpoint, has introduced a fresh mobile game titled Top Troops. The game now available on Android and iOS seamlessly combines elements of mobile strategy, RPG gameplay, and merge mechanics to deliver an exciting medieval fantasy adventure centered around combat and conquest.

Top Troops offers a unique mix of strategy and merge mechanics

In Top Troops, players find themselves immersed in the vibrant Kingdom of King’s Bay, where two rival brothers guide their respective squads into epic conflicts between righteousness and malevolence. They face the task of amalgamating and engaging in combat to secure triumph, employing a plethora of strategic permutations to construct formidable armies composed of units such as Ninja Moles and Imperial Elves.

Top Troops
Image via Zynga

Players can elevate the proficiency of each unit and blend them sagaciously to assemble an ideal force capable of overcoming any obstacle. The outcomes of their decisions will ultimately shape the destiny of their conquests. Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Build your army: Merge and level up your troops to grow and upgrade your units;
  • Dominate your enemy: Lead your army into epic, massive battles where strategy and power win the day;
  • Save the kingdom: Reclaim lost land where you can train, interact with your troops, and farm resources for further expansion;
  • Strategize your victory: Master deck-building strategies to create the strongest army for varied foes;
  • Game Modes: Campaign and Player vs. Player.

Lead the craziest army ever, including Wizards, Samurais, Dragons, and even a Vampire Queen! These and other unique troops are waiting for their new Commander. Top Troops is now available on Android and iOS.

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