Tokyo Debunker, ZigZaGame’s upcoming simulation title, is now open for pre-registration

Tokyo Debunker is an otome simulation game that is currently available for pre-registration on Android and iOS. Tokyo Debunker is provided by ZigZaGame, known for games such as Evertale and Neo Monster. In this immersive adventure, players take on the role of a manager leading a team of daring agents on a mission to combat the recently discovered threat of Nekomata, terrifying monsters wreaking havoc in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Prepare for a journey as a reporter in Tokyo Debunker

Begin a journey as a dedicated reporter delving into the heart of urban legends, inspired by the mysterious disappearance of your younger brother, a UCRC member. However, as the investigation continues, startling revelations emerge. The Nekomata incidents are merely a ruse to conceal a more sinister truth: the UCRC is hunting down people with the Cronos Gene, a genetic anomaly that causes ghoul-like transformations and the loss of humanity.

Caught amid the chaos, players must navigate a web of secrets while working with the SA Cronos team established by the Ministry of Health. Together, they strive to apprehend Cronos carriers and prevent further chaos, unraveling Tokyo’s enigmatic urban legends along the way.

Tokyo Debunker pre-registration
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Immerse yourself in a rich narrative experience that combines comics and Live 2D animations to uncover the truth about Darkwick Academy’s dark dealings and classmates’ pact with demons. Use teamwork and wit to solve supernatural cases throughout Tokyo, assisted by charming cat familiars from Darkwick Academy.

In this game, you can create new facilities with the help of cute cat companions. You can collect a variety of cute and quirky cats to help you with your activities. In thrilling battles, you’ll face monsters alongside ghoul classmates. Test your rhythm game skills to gain access to powerful items. You can also work with other players in exciting co-op modes, forming bonds and solving mysteries together.

Prepare to uncover the truth about Darkwick Academy as pre-registrations are now open

Prepare to embark on an adventure unlike any other, where courage, cunning, and friendship reign supreme in the face of the unknown. Pre-register now and join the adventure in Tokyo Debunker, where every decision affects the future of Tokyo’s urban landscape.

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Pre-registration for Tokyo Debunker is now open. To pre-register for iOS, visit the official website of Tokyo Debunker and for Android, visit the Google Play Store.

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