Tinder date invited 3 women to dinner to speed up process of finding perfect three-way’

A US woman has revealed her shock after discovering her Tinder date had invited two other women to dinner in order to “speed up the process of finding the perfect three-way”.

Megan James recently went to meet a man named Matthew for the first time after connecting on the popular dating app.

But she was gobsmacked when two other women showed up to the restaurant, and Matthew revealed he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but instead multiple women who could indulge his sexual fantasies.

Following the “worst first date possible”, Megan recounted her ordeal on TikTok, where her story quickly went viral.

“Matthew, if you’re watching this, please go to therapy … Lord knows, I need to after this,” Megan, 26, captioned her video with has almost 400,000 views to date.

In the two-and-a-half-minute clip, Megan details how she found herself in such a red flag situation, stating: “He was pretty much just your average guy. Literally nothing in his profile could have prepared for me for what was to come.”

The pair agreed to meet at an Italian restaurant that was 15 minutes away from her house. When she arrived at her destination, her date was waiting outside.

“When I get there he’s standing outside the restaurant and I recognise him from his profile, so at least he’s not a catfish,” she states.

The couple sat down at a four-top table inside, with Megan not anticipating the two other seats would be filled.

Soon, she saw a woman approach the table who she assumed was “the waitress”.

“She kind of just looks at me funny and introduces herself just casually,” the influencer revealed. Then, another woman approached and took a seat.

From there, the ladies started to mingle while their date sat back and watched.

Then one of the girls asked how she knew Matthew. “This is our first date. How do you know Matthew?” Megan said.

“I thought this was our first date,” the apparent third wheel responded.

Megan later clarified to viewers on TikTok that she initially thought he’d invited his friends on their date, because “people are weird”.

“He’d scheduled this date at the same time for all three of us to meet,” she continued.

“He said he was trying to speed of the process of finding his perfect three-way.”

Once he confessed, the women knew it was time to call the quadruple date a wrap and “all left”.

Understandably, Megan’s followers were shocked over the bizarre dating scenario, describing it as “horrendous”.

“Girl, I am crying because the dating pool is an absolute dumpster fire,” one replied.

“I hope he’s single forever,” another cursed.

“The audacity of men is getting bolder,” someone else added.

As one stunned person declared: “It’s the confidence he had in thinking that was going to work.”

“This is despicable,” one mused.

Astonishingly, others shared their own similar situations while dating, as some pointed out there was an issue inviting three women if he wanted a three-way.

“But that’s four people… so was the plan that he was gonna vote one of you out of the threeway,” one lamented.

“Girl! I had a similar experience years ago when I was dating. He set up a date with me and another girl for a three way. I left, not sure if she did,” another said.

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