TikTok users slam filthy King St McDonald’s in Newcastle

A viral TikTok video has shown the bleak reality of a busy McDonald’s, with the restaurant littered with empty packaging and food on the tables and floor.

The 38-second clip uploaded by TikTok user Driftwood reveals the dire state of the 24-hour eatery located at King St in Newcastle, about two hours north of Sydney.

One of the tables is covered in spilt Coke and loose french fries, with debris also on the floor.

Two customers also appear to have fallen asleep on the seats.

In the comments, users said it was “typical” of the King St store, one saying it was one of the filthiest they had experienced.

“Would that be King St? Always has been a mess,” another said.

“That’s what happens when you employ people who don’t care,” shared another.

“King Street has always looked like that on the weekend. Everyone coming for a drunk feed when the clubs close,” another user wrote.

The Newcastle restaurant has a reputation for attracting hoards of drunk revellers due to its proximity to the area’s nightclubs and the University of Newcastle.

Several of the venue’s 2226 Google reviews described the fast-food joint as dirty and messy.

“Rough. Lots of loud drunk people. Some shouting. Some lying on the ground. Congregating in packs. Quite unsafe. Used the drive through. Very busy and the food was cold,” wrote one reviewer.

“Dirty messy place just like the workers and their attitudes, and not to mention uber orders take an hour plus. I’d give them a 0 star if possible,” another reviewer said.

Another punter said the toilets were particularly bad.

“One of the dirtiest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to. Particularly the bathrooms,” they wrote.

“The entire premises clearly haven’t been cleaned in quite some time. Sticky dirty floors and tables.”

Another person said they felt “intimidated” by the large crowds.

“I was totally disgusted with the Macca’s in King Street, Newcastle,” they said.

“It was Saturday afternoon. My wife and I felt intimidated by a large crowd of young people who were very noisy and hassling staff. There was rubbish on all the tables and floors.

“Mecca’s (sic) is usually reliable for clean toilets and good food standards, none of which was displayed on that day.”

In September of last year, the King St store made headlines after a 23-year-old man ran to the McDonald’s for assistance after he was allegedly assaulted and set on fire.

A 20-year-old man was later hit with multiple charges, and the case remains before the courts.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said its King St restaurant had a “number of safety procedures” in order to protect staff and patrons, including 24 hour CCTV surveillance, alarm systems and security guards on overnight shifts from Friday to Sunday.

“McDonald’s has a zero-tolerance policy for anti-social behaviour and expect our restaurants, people and customers to be treated with respect and decency at all times,” they said.

“We also follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, and hygiene procedures in all restaurants, including routine dining-room cleaning.

“We are working with the restaurant to ensure we continue to provide a safe and clean restaurant and a great customer experience.”

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