TikTok star Alice James shares sweet relationship update

A former radio producer has shared a heartwarming update on her relationship after she went viral for revealing that her father acted as her cover-up to get her a date.

Alice James took to social media to film herself sitting at “this same bar at the exact same table” two years ago where she was having a drink with her father.

“Hey Alice, did you see how good looking that guy is at the bar,” her dad Darren repeated in the clip.

Alice then panned the camera to show her lover, revealing that “that was him”.

The surprise announcement of the TikTok star

“And now, we’ll be together forever,” Alice said, showing off her engagement ring before she and Michael shared a kiss.

Social media users erupted in congratulations as Alice documented the first date and subsequent dates on her account.

“OMG I remember when you first talked about this,” one person commented.

Another said: “Dad better be best man, flower father and celebrant!”

“OMG I remember seeing the original video! the algorithm brought us all back. Congratulations,” said another.

Alice said that when the two first met at the bar that night two years ago, Michael was so nervous that he gave Darren his number instead. The next day, Alice jokingly sent a text apologizing for her father’s behavior.

Michael proposed while the pair were walking their dog along the Yarra River in Melbourne, something the pair did regularly.

“We stopped at a secluded spot by the river and then he hugged me and told me how much he loved me – which he does quite a lot, so I still have no idea,” she said. Daily Mail Australia.

“It wasn’t until he dropped to one knee that it clicked what was happening. I burst into tears of happiness and fell to my knees and gave her the biggest hug ever!”

In 2022, Alice shared the story of how the couple met while she was preparing for their first date.

“Three weeks ago I made the decision to quit all dating apps – I just wasn’t having fun, I felt like p**p and it was taking a toll on me,” she said at the time.

“Fast forward, last week I was with my dad at the local pub, we were having a drink and talking shit, and my dad said, ‘I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a real hottie sitting at the bar,'” she said. said.

A month later, she broke the news to her father that the pair were officially a couple, calling the man she met at the pub her boyfriend.

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