Three Powers, a fantasy RPG inspired by the popular TV series opens pre-registrations in Korea

Arthdal Chronicles: Three Powers is a fantasy RPG game inspired by the popular TV series of the same name and is now open for pre-registrations on Android, iOS, and PC platforms in Korea. Since it is being published by a major house in Netmarble, the game generates significant excitement among fans including me eager to see what it has to offer.

Arthdal Chronicles: Three Powers aims to bring the fantasy elements of the series to life via the game

Arthdal Chronicles: Three Forces’ is a role-playing game that draws inspiration from the South Korean TV series Arthdal Chronicles. In the game, you can experience a unique war between three factions: Arthdal, Ago, and Lawlessness. You’ll engage in battles and political manoeuvres to lead your faction to glory. Your actions in completing quests will shape the world of Asthma, as you rebuild landmarks and open up new areas.

Arthdal Chronicles Three Power gameplay
Image via Netmarble

You can choose a character with two different classes, creating your combat style. You get to fight powerful bosses in dungeons and cooperate with others to defeat field bosses for the best rewards. As players, we can explore the Ascontinent and enjoy various lifestyle activities while adapting to its changing environment.

From the snippets, I see this game having high potential. The visuals are stunning, and while the controls appear simple, I see there could be plenty of depth and options available. There’s hope for open-world gameplay with features like crafting and hunting, but we’ll have to wait and see for sure before you trust my predictions.

Arthdal Chronicles: Three Powers has now opened pre-registrations in Korea, available on the Google Play Store for Android and the iOS via the App Store. Information about pre-registrations for other regions and a potential global release is currently unavailable, but given the popularity of the series, I anticipate a global launch in the near future.

The iOS store page does list an expected release date to be April 30, 2024, which is not official yet. For now, keep an eye on the official website for updates.

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