The Wreck, a mature 3D visual novel will release for Android and iOS on 3rd October 2023

The Pixel Hunt studio, which is responsible for the BAFTA-nominated game “Bury Me, My Love,” is set to release their casual visual novel, “The Wreck,” for Android and iOS platforms on October 3rd, 2023.

The Wreck presents a gripping tale of family and resilience

The Wreck is a mature 3D visual novel exploring themes of sisterhood, motherhood, grief, and survival. Players accompany Junon, a struggling screenwriter, as she grapples with the most crucial day of her life. Throughout the game, Junon navigates challenging conversations and tries to piece together the moments that led to her current predicament.

Faced with her mother’s critical condition and her own deteriorating mental state, Junon is compelled to revisit the past, reshape the present, and embrace the future; otherwise, her story will conclude in chaos. Since its release on PC and Console earlier this year, The Wreck has garnered acclaim, receiving a ‘Bestest Best’ rating from Rock Paper Shotgun, a ‘Platinum Award’ from Thumb Culture, and an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Narrative at this year’s IGF.

The Wreck invites readers to delve into Junon’s memories and reconstruct the narrative of her past, which conceals a tragic secret at its core. Drawing from a profound understanding of Junon’s trauma, the story explores how she navigates through this fateful day, offering new possibilities for dialogue and the potential for healing fractured relationships. When one reaches rock bottom, the only way forward is up. Assist Junon in finding inner peace and uncovering the humor, beauty, and hope that persist even in the darkest of life’s moments.

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