The Littlest Pet Shop returns to shelves at Big W

When Pound Puppies made a comeback a few years ago, children of the 80s couldn’t control themselves.

It was soon followed up with the re-release of the Dinky Diary and Furby last year.

Now, children who grew up in the early 2000s are having their turn of a good hit of nostalgia with the return of the Littlest Pet Shop range hitting Big W.

TikTok user Emily sent shoppers into a frenzy after sharing a video of her finding a whole range of the popular toys from our childhood, Kidspot reported.

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“This is your sign to RUN to Big W to buy the new LPS, for the nostalgia,” she shared on her page.

The video has been viewed over 173K times and attracted over 300 comments – mostly from people who absolutely adored the range as kids.

“Thank you for posting this! I’ve been waiting to see if they’d be released in Australia considering the past new ones only got released in America,” one person commented on the share.

“OMG. little me is so happy. I hope these continue so that my kids in the future can collect them,” another added.

The Littlest Pet Shop range includes a series of collectable animal figurines and children hoarded them in their bedrooms just like our own kids are now doing with the likes of LOL dolls and us, Barbies.

Each animal in the range is based on characters from the TV show popular in 1995 of the same name.

For Carly, a massive fan of the show and toys growing up, this is a special moment.

“OMG I had a shelf full of Littlest Pet Shop collectibles and even the little houses! I used to lose my sh*t when I’d get one in a Maccas Happy Meal,” she told Kidspot, adding:

“I actually wish I’d kept them because this just unlocked so many memories for me.”

Clara also remembers the range being a big thing in her house: “I thought they were cute – reminded me of Fisher Price’s little people toys. I didn’t have them when I was little but my sister did,” she shared.

The new range found at Big W includes a range of new animal figurines including a bobblehead panda, cat, axolotl and anteater.

Each pet comes with a collectable card that highlights the animal’s unique personality, breed and rarity level.

A trio pack at the bargain retailer will set you back $19 and the Petfluencer Pairs are on sale for $24.

This story originally appeared on Kidspot and reproduced with permission

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