The House of Da Vinci maker announces The House of Tesla, a new puzzle game for mobile and PC

Blue Brain Games, the creators of The House of Da Vinci, has announced The House of Tesla, a new puzzle game that will be available on Steam for PC this year, followed by a mobile release for Android and iOS.

Prepare to solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries of Wardenclyffe Tower in The House of Tesla

The House of Tesla takes you on a journey through the visionary mind of Nikola Tesla, the genius behind modern electricity. Imagine yourself exploring the eerie remnants of Wardenclyffe, Tesla’s grand vision for a world powered by wireless energy.

The House of Tesla announces
Image via Blue Brain Games

In this adventure, you will solve Wardenclyffe Tower’s mysteries using a series of meticulously crafted puzzles. As you journey through Tesla’s past, you will be able to see the rise and fall of his ambitious project, encountering mysterious machines and discovering secrets along the way.

Set against the backdrop of America’s Progressive Era, The House of Tesla allows you to unleash the power of electricity like never before. By using the futuristic devices you can manipulate currents and discover hidden truths in locations inspired by Tesla’s real-life designs.

While the game has not yet been released, you can get a taste of what to expect by exploring Blue Brain Games’ current trilogy, The House of Da Vinci, which is available on Android and iOS via Google Play Store and App Store as a premium title. And if you’re eager to explore Tesla’s world, keep an eye out for game updates and official announcements.

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