The face of Indonesian esports unmasked

As we continue with our International Women’s Week celebration to highlight influential women of the industry, I sat down with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia host Clara Kartika Sari Utoyo, mostly known as “Clara Monsgster“, in an interview to know and share her story with the world.

Tousif: Hi Clara, thanks for appearing in this interview. Could you tell us about yourself in brief?

Clara: Hello Tousif! Glad to be part of this interview series. Hi GamingonPhone readers, I’m your esports girl, Clara! A lot of people call me Bude. I live in Indonesia. Right now, I do everything in esports – as a host, shout caster, social media person, etc. But mainly I’m a host in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia!

Tousif: Tell us about your journey before you got into esports.

Clara: I’ve been in love with gaming since I was a kid. Probably because of the influence of my brother. It began when I was in early elementary school. At first, it was games on the PlayStation 1, and then he played PC games as well, so I followed. In junior high school, I joined the DotA 1 community (Indogamers Public). I started making friends online, and to this day, some still keep in touch with me!

MLBB MPL ID Host, MLBB Clara, ML esports host
Image via Clara

Tousif: You have a fair history in esports from DOTA 2 to RRQ team manager, and now into the esports casting scene. Please tell us about how you ended up joining the MLBB Esports casting scene?

Clara: I was studying in college when one of my online friends asked me to be the team manager of The Prime (2 years). I worked remotely as a part-time manager at that time. But afterward, I graduated and joined RRQ as a full-time manager (2 years). I moved from my small city, Purwokerto, to the metropolitan city, Jakarta.

When I was a part-time manager, I cast for my team’s mini-tournaments, just for fun. And I kept doing it. Some people listened to it and complimented me, giving me advice for pursuing my casting more and more. I got inspired by TobiWan, who showed me how a game can be more interesting because of the narrator. Then, I started getting hired as a caster and began hosting many games from many genres, like MOBA, FPS, Casual, etc.

MLBB MPL ID Host, MLBB Clara, ML esports host
Image via Clara

Tousif: For you, what are the best parts/perks of being a host for the MLBB esports scene?

Clara: For MLBB, I was just lucky and brave enough to say YES for casting the first offline international MSC in Indonesia. I had less than 5 days to learn about the game and the teams at that time because they hired me at the last minute. But I’m so thankful I made that bold move because I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the community and the game since then.

The best perks of being part of the MLBB esports scene are that I have many friends who are like family now. The community is super strong! And I can see everything from different and close perspectives for the teams, the players, the events, the games, etc. And I don’t need to fight a ticket war to watch the match! I also get to see things from behind the scenes and get to know real news!

Tousif: How do you see women taking a lead in the MPL scene (you, Mara, Cheryl etc)? Considering the esports casting scene is primarily dominated by males.

Clara: We women can contribute as much as males for the community or the MPL scene. We bring to the table different perspectives, different knowledge, and a different touch. As long as the purpose is for the greater good and he or she can show their worth, I believe anyone can take a spot.

MLBB MPL ID Host, MLBB Clara, Clara Interview, ML esports host
MPL ID host Clara (left) and MPL PH host Mara (right) – Image via MOONTON Games

Tousif: What are your thoughts on the current MPL ID scene? and how do you see it 3 years down the line?

Clara: MPL ID has the most entertaining story in my opinion. The competitiveness of the teams and players is top-notch. They have to fight the other strong ID teams and some of them also need to fight for the spot in the main lineup of their team.

The transfers and the imports make it even more amusing, while the fan community is the strongest and the biggest. Not forgetting the talents, the content creators, who make MPL ID fun and educational. And the people behind the league always give their best as well. 3 years from now, it will grow bigger and better. I wouldn’t trade MPL ID for anything!

Tousif: If you could be a host for any other country’s MPL, which country would that be? And why?

Clara: No other country can dethrone MPL ID in my heart.

MLBB MPL ID Host, MLBB Clara, ML esports host
Image via MOONTON Games

Tousif: For the upcoming MWI, given its prize pool ($500,000) is one of the highest in women’s esports and the global representation (12 participating regions), what impact do you think this tournament will bring to the female esports scene?

Clara: MWI, all eyes on the prize! With that amount, it can change a person’s life. Many players will fight for it, making the competition harder. Now, it’s time for women to show the world how fierce they can be. Some of the more casual players can be inspired by the female pro players and realize they can do it and earn it too. And MWI sets the bar high, I hope that it awakens the fire in not only the players, but also the community, fans, and event organizers.

Tousif: So Clara, who are your top 3 MLBB heroes, any funny incident you experienced during your gameplay that you’d like to share in this interview?

Clara: I always pick Angela when I’m too tired to play, but still want to play. Just possess someone and your job is done. My second favorite is Terizla, and my third is Luo Yi. As for a funny incident… I love to prank my friends. With the ultimate, Diversion, I teleport my friends to the enemy’s base. From hero to zero. From almost winning, we throw the game instead and get defeated. Pull rank is real!

Tousif: What are your favorite games outside of MLBB?

Clara: My favorite game outside of MLBB right now… I don’t have any… but if I had to pick, I would say maybe Tetris or VR games that move my body, such as Beat Saber.

Tousif: If you could go back and correct a mistake you made in your esports career what would that be?

Clara: If I could go back and correct my mistakes, I would be more confident in international events, and be super duper well prepared for everything.

MLBB MPL ID Host, MLBB Clara, Clara Interview, ML esports host
Image via Clara

Tousif: What would be your advice for a female who is trying to enter the general esports or esports casting scene?

Clara: For females who want to jump into the esports industry… don’t worry girls, nobody will bite you. If you have the talents, gender should not affect anything. Just be brave! Talent, nerves, attitude, and uniqueness matter the most. And FYI, there are plenty of girls who work in this industry!

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